‘The Office’: These Deleted Scenes are Pure Gold

The Office was arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of its day. Though the show had plenty of laughable scenes, not everything that was on film ended up making it into the show. Thankfully, this means there are still some deleted scenes out there that are just as hilarious as the antics fans saw on TV.

'The Office' cast at the Emmy Awards in 2006
‘The Office’ cast at the Emmy Awards in 2006 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

‘The Office’ ran for nearly a decade

When The Office first premiered back in 2005, it wasn’t met with nearly the same energy as today. The show’s first season actually didn’t do too well — and it nearly ended up like its British counterpart, which was canceled after season 1. However, producer Greg Daniels made some readjustments to the characters and approach for season 2, and from there, the show was a hit.

The NBC sitcom went on to see nine years and nine seasons, with hardly any cast changes. Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) joined in season 3, and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left in season 7. But for the most part, everyone stayed put at Dunder Mifflin through the entire show. By the ninth season, though, the show had run its course, and the cast — including Carell, who made an appearance in the finale — was in tears during the final days of filming.

‘The Office’ has some hilarious deleted scenes

While there are plenty of iconic scenes that actually made the final cut, not everything the producers filmed ended up on TV. Rather, there are a number of deleted scenes that are just as funny — and The Office official YouTube account has compiled some of the best.

In season 3 episode 3, Michael stresses about the Scranton branch’s finances. “I know we need to cut costs,” Dwight said. “We can fire Meredith — that’s a big cost.” Dwight also suggests charging Creed Bratton rent. The audience subsequently learns Creed lives at the office four nights a week, which was news to Michael.

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In another scene, Michael assures Darryl that he’s been given approval to have strippers in the warehouse. Dwight reminds Michael that it’s up to Toby to decide that, but Michael sent Toby home. Kevin later proceeds to tell the camera crew that he bought his fiancé a stripper pole for her birthday, which he called “so cool” but said he doesn’t know how to install it.

Is ‘The Office’ cast still close?

The sitcom ended back in 2013 after nine seasons, but that certainly doesn’t mean the cast has lost touch. Rather, Dunder Mifflin’s finest have actually come together for a number of reunions since the show closed. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, who were love interests Jim and Pam on the show, still remain good friends (despite that they both ended up with other people).

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have also remained close. The two women started an “Office Ladies” podcast, where they detail behind-the-scenes secrets of the show. The two have also remained close with Ellie Kemper, who played Erin Hannon on the show.