The ‘One Day at a time’ Midseason Finale Was Sweet and Makes You Crave More — Episode 6 Review

It feels like just last week One Day at a Time started their well-earned fourth season and now they’re already on Episode 6, the midseason finale. But, it is six weeks in and now fans will have to wait a while for the next episode; Episode 6 was the last one the cast and crew of One Day at a Time filmed before production was shut down thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. There’s some fun news about an animated special, but before we get into that, let’s review this one. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for One Day at a Time Episode 6, Season 4].         

Max (Ed Quinn) and Penelope (Justina Machado) kiss on the rooftop in 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'
Max (Ed Quinn) and Penelope (Justina Machado) on the rooftop in ‘ONE DAY AT A TIME’ | Nicole Wilder/POP TV

This episode takes place in one room — or rooftop — in the apartment

Every so often, a sitcom will have a “bottle episode,” where the whole episode takes place in one room for various circumstances. “Supermoon” wasn’t exactly a bottle episode because the characters went back and forth between the living room and roof, but the roof was very central to this episode. Almost giving it a bottle episode feel, except it wasn’t. Confusing, sorry. 

But regardless, the roof of the Alvarez’s apartment was where the magic happened, so to speak. By magic, we just mean that the couples all had a significant moment in that spot. The whole time, a banner with the words “Together Forever” is in the background, but no one knows who dressed the place up. There’s a table with rose petals too, and someone has major plans. 

Love is in the air, but a proposal? Not so much 

First up are Schneider and Avery,  who both agree Schneider did a great job at decorating the rooftop. They have a very sweet moment basking in the glow of the potential baby and how Schneider is glad he let Avery into his life. They truly do just get along so well, and this conversation just solidifies that. 

Next are Elena and Syd, who are cute and dorky per usual. They have no idea who set it up or who the rooftop is for, so instead they stare at the supermoon, which actually isn’t different than a regular moon, as they point out numerous times. They also have a little insecure moment, when Syd starts naming off all the celebrities they like. Elena gets a little perturbed at how easy it was for Syd to name their faves, but then Elena makes the mistake of naming a real-life barista. But all in all, they get over it. 

Syd and Elena take their turn on the roof in 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'
Syd and Elena take their turn on the roof in ‘ONE DAY AT A TIME’ | Nicole Wilder/POP TV

Then there’s Nora and Alex, who are celebrating their three-month anniversary. They’re the newest couple here, which makes their conversation about how Alex is scared of the future. Specifically, a future that could end in divorce. For kids of divorce, this is highly relatable, since a healthy marriage structure isn’t something you’re used to. But Nora handles it very well, and they have a promising future, for high school sweethearts.   

 The second to last people to visit the roof are Penelope and Max. Now, this is interesting because Elena and Max believe that whoever set up the roof meant it as a proposal spot. So when Penelope reveals that Max and she are going to the roof because he wants to show her the moon, they freak out. At first, Elena isn’t all for it, but Alex is and convinces her. However, that’s not exactly what Max planned. 

Dr. Berkowitz continues to be the best friend to Lydia

 Even though Max and Penelope haven’t been on the same page before when it comes to their relationship, they are when it comes to marriage. Penelope really doesn’t want to go through it all again, even though she does love Max. And Max reveals that he really loves his job, which takes him out of the country months at a time. Marriage isn’t in the cards for them, but they are on the completely same page when it comes to their future. 

The Alvarez family spreads Berto Riera's ashes in his garden.
The Alvarez family spreads Berto Riera’s ashes in his garden | Nicole Wilder/POP TV.

Lastly, the reason the roof is all gussied up is because of Dr. Berkowitz and Lydia. Despite what Penelope and the kids think, no they’re not a couple and certainly not going to have… relations on the roof. It’s actually a really tender celebration of Lydia’s late husband, set up but Leslie. Everyone goes around and says something about Berto. 

Overall, this was a sweet episode. There were a lot of laughs and it did keep you guessing about who could have possibly planned the rooftop get together. It’s sad that fans don’t get the rest of the season until they can film it post-quarantine. However, an animated special is going into production so that a new episode can come sooner than later. It revolves around Penelope’s conservative family coming to visit, so you know it’s going to be good. ‘Til then: Dalé!