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Like any popular TV show or franchise, fans have different opinions about the characters they follow week in and week out. 

The Vampire Diaries is no different. Eight seasons, followed by two spinoffs, Legacies and The Originals (which had five seasons), saw plenty of shipping and headcanon with all of the characters that came and went.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.]

'The Originals' cast
(L-R) Leah Pipes, Daniel Gillies, Danielle Campbell, Phoebe Tonkin, Joseph Morgan, and Charles Michael Davis | MJ Kim/Getty Images

Enter Camille, played by Leah Pipes. She’s a bartender who served the wrong hybrid at the wrong time in her bar before embarking on a relatively short adventure as a new vampire.

Cami’s character deserved better than what happened to her, according to some fans on Reddit.

Cami deserved better in love and in death

A few Redditors sounded off about how Cami deserved better in her relationships and didn’t need to die toward the end of season 3.

“Klaus loved Camille way more than whatever feelings he had for Caroline.” And another said:

“Klaus was incredibly bad. I don’t know how unpopular this is, but I’ve seen plenty of people praising him. Watching his actions often made me mad. It wasn’t until Cami and Hope came along that he became much better of a person.”

“Klaus and Camille were soulmates.” So, why didn’t Klaus and Camille end up together?

Perhaps it was because some fans felt Camille and Klaus seemed forced. Yes, Klaus felt as if Cami could be his confidant, and he could trust her because she was human. There was no suspicion there. She was just tending bar.

Yet, could a human really, honestly and truly, love a powerful vampire-werewolf hybrid who has been around for over a millennium? On the other hand, showrunners teased a Caroline-Stefan wedding from season 1, and Klaus had to move on from Hayley at some point, right? 

Aside from her relationships, fans liked Cami and her drive to help people, and many wished they got more time with the character after she became a vampire.

Clearly, the showrunners need to up the drama and supernatural shipping throughout The Vampire Diaries and the spinoffs.

What did Leah Pipes think of Cami’s death?

Although some rumors suggested Pipes wanted out of the series because of the online abuse and threats she received, the actor told Entertainment Weekly a completely different story in 2016.

The actor knew early on in season 3 that Cami would be killed off as a vampire.

“I cried the entire table read kind of uncontrollably. I was trying to keep it under wraps but I really couldn’t. It was cathartic for me because I was also saying goodbye to Cami, who has been such a huge part of my life for three years, and I’ll never play her again … If I had a choice between leaving a legacy versus sticking around and being this forgotten character, I would choose obviously the former and I feel grateful that I got to have that.”

This was before the showrunners brought Pipes in for a cameo during the series finale.


‘The Originals’: Elijah Mikaelson Wasn’t Supposed to Be in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Universe

Other characters on ‘The Originals’ also didn’t need to go

One Redditor pointed out, “Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah’s deaths weren’t needed. Vincent deserved a happy ending.”

Klaus dying was keeping in the show’s tradition that the main character dies at the end of the show (looking at you, Stefan). That Klaus died next to his brother after spending 1,000 years together just harkens back to the Salvatore brothers even more. Was the storyline of two brothers dying repetitive? Sure, Julie Plec even admitted so in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Were the deaths emotional? Absolutely.

There were plenty of other deaths in The Originals for fans to lament over. And not everyone came back.