‘The Originals’ Kissing Scenes: Charles Michael Davis Said 1 Co-Star ‘Brought a Lot of Passion’

Back in 2013, The Originals launched on The CW, putting the first family of vampirism in the spotlight. A spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, the series wasn’t 100% all about the Klaus Mikaelson and his siblings.

Viewers were introduced to Marcel Gerard, the reigning ruler of New Orleans who was once Klaus’ young adopted son. As Marcel, Charles Michael Davis had quite a few romantic entanglements while trying to keep the peace among witches, vampires, and werewolves. And he once kissed and told which of his co-stars was good at smooching.

Charles Michael Davis attends the special screening of ‘Ur In Analysis’ in 2015
Charles Michael Davis attends the special screening of ‘Ur In Analysis’ at the Egyptian Theatre on July 1, 2015 in Hollywood, California | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

A look back at Marcel’s romances in ‘The Originals’

For the five seasons that The Originals aired, Marcel did more than played chief of the French Quarter. He had friends, allies, and family—including Davina and the Mikaelsons. Though many of his relationships hit rough patches, he still found time for love and pleasure. Rebekah Mikaelson was his most notable lady love, but there were others.

Remember Sophie the witch? She and Marcel had a secret fling that threatened to rock the control he and his vampire faction held over the witches. They didn’t make it to forever which is understandable since he murdered her sister, Jane-Anne.

Season 4 found him warming up to Sofya, the mercenary vampire with a hatred for Klaus. She was hired by Lucien and was once at odds with Marcel and his crew, but they eventually found themselves on the same team and in each other’s arms.

Marcel also shared a kiss with Aya, the Strix leader who kidnapped him, poisoned him, and put him through a trial. He passed the test, they kissed, but their relationship never went beyond that.

Perhaps the one union that sticks out more than Marcel and Rebekah is Marcel and Cami. Yes, Cami who stole Klaus’ heart. He had a crush on her early on in The Originals, but her uncle blocked them from getting together. However, they later had a romantic fling and the two stayed close up until her death.

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Charles Michael Davis once dished on kissing his co-stars

In 2014, Davis participated in a special segment for The CW called “My Dinner Date With…” During the fan Q&A session, someone asked which of his castmates was the best kisser, and Davis generously complimented Claire Holt (Rebekah) and Leah Pipes (Cami).

“Leah Pipes is good. She brings a lot of passion,” he smiled and said. He then added, “Claire Holt — excellent, excellent kisser. There’s a few others I was replaying in my mind, but they’re not on the show.” Davis didn’t drop any more names, but he spent a few years kissing Holt since Rebekah was his true love.

Where is Davis now?

After The Originals ended, Davis went on to snag roles in shows such as Chicago P.D., NCIS: New Orleans, and Younger. He can currently be seen in NCIS as Agent Quentin Carter, a character who’s in a romance with his co-worker Hannah.

Though NCIS: New Orleans will be signing off for good in May, fans can see him in all of his TV roles since each show is available for streaming. Relive Davis’ magic as Marcel in The Originals along with The Vampire Diaries and Legacies on Netflix.