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After two long years, The Other Two is coming back for a second season. The comedy, which first aired on Comedy Central, is joining HBO’s roster. The series contemplates pop culture through the lens of the Dubek family. After thirteen-year-old Chase reaches mega-stardom, his family must grapple with the implications of fame. Here’s everything returning or new fans need to know before the start of the second season. 

Drew Tarver, Case Walker, and Heléne Yorke sitting on a bench in 'The Other Two.'
Drew Tarver, Case Walker, and Heléne Yorke in ‘The Other Two’ | Greg Endries/HBO Max

‘The Other Two’ Season 1

The opening of the first season of The Other Two finds Chase (Case Walker) and his mother Pat (Molly Shannon) on Good Morning America. After the smash success of Chase’s song “Marry U At Recess,” he’s become a viral sensation. 

His two adult siblings are not as successful. Cary (Drew Tarver) is an actor who can’t book roles. Brooke (Heléne Yorke) is a former dancer-turned-realtor who is living in the apartments she shows. When their younger brother rockets to fame, they must grapple with their mixed feelings about his success. 

As the season progresses, Brooke and Cary use Chase’s fame to further their own careers and find a place in the world. Their mother, Pat (Molly Shannon), is eager for any opportunity to boost Chase’s stardom. Chase’s manager (Ken Marino) clumsily guides the teen’s career. At the end of the first season, Chase shocks them all by announcing that he wants to retire from music.

When to watch season 2

The first two episodes of The Other Two Season 2 will premiere on Aug. 26 on HBO Max. The season will have 10 episodes. Per TV Line, after the premiere, two episodes will drop every Thursday on HBO Max until the season finale on Sept. 23. 


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Fans looking to rewatch the first season ahead of the premiere date can find all of season 1, plus a trailer for season 2, on HBO Max. 

What to expect on ‘The Other Two’ Season 2

The second season will open in the wake of Chase’s retirement announcement. The family does not lose their footing in the world of fame, however. Pat has an army of fans thanks to her new daytime talk show, The Pat Dubek Show

While Brooke and Cary have lost the opportunities afforded to them from Chase’s career, they still are clawing their way toward the spotlight. Brooke wants to manage the next big teen star, browsing TikTok to find someone, anyone. Cary hosts a handful of embarrassing online shows, like Age, Net Worth, Feet, to jump-start his acting career. Streeter, for his part, has bleached his hair. 

While they continue their climb to the limelight, Brooke and Cary do not appear satisfied. Cary wants to be an actor, not an online host. Brooke is physically ill from the stress of pursuing a job in music management. All the while, they must deal with their mother’s newfound success.