‘The Other Two’ Star Case Walker Just Hinted at Chase Dubek’s Journey in Season 2

The HBO series The Other Two focuses on the Midwestern Dubek family. They are suddenly thrust into the spotlight when the youngest family member, 13-year-old Chase, posts a viral music video. In Bieberian fashion, the national media sweeps up the tween singer and his family. At the end of the first season, Chase makes a pivotal career decision. Case Walker, who plays Chase, hinted at what audiences can expect for his character in season 2. 

Case Walker and Ken Marino smile side by side in a restaurant in 'The Other Two.'
Case Walker and Ken Marino in ‘The Other Two’ | Zach Dilgard/HBO

Chase retired at the end of ‘The Other Two’ Season 1

After rising higher and higher during season 1, it seemed that Chase could do no wrong. In The Other Two Season 1 finale, however, Chase gives a stripped-down performance of his song, “Stink,” at the VMAs. Unfortunately, in his swift rise to fame, nobody checked to see if Chase could actually sing live. As the world finds out, he cannot. 

After this humiliation, Chase decides that he wants to retire from music forever. “All this singing stuff has been really cool,” he tells his family. “But this fall, I’m gonna go to college.”

He’s only just turned 14, but his family, somewhat begrudgingly, supports his decision. 

Case Walker says season 2 will show a more grown-up Chase

Production delays caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic pushed back the release of The Other Two Season 2. Walker, who was 14 when he booked the role, turned 18 while shooting the second season. Visibly, Walker has grown up quite a bit. He explained to StarNews that his character grew as well:

Last season, he was wrapped up in this world of fame and he loved it. But then he goes to college and suddenly it’s all taken away. So I think you see him have real realizations about what he wants to do, and we see that throughout the second season. We see a lot more growth in his character and a lot of decisions he’s starting to make on his own, which was really cool to see.

He still has to deal with fame: his NYU classmates recognize him and his mother (Molly Shannon) has risen to daytime talk show royalty. In the latest season, though, Chase will have more of a say over his career.

“He’s got his feet flat on the ground, he’s learning to make decisions and he’s excited to break off and become his own shape,” Walker said. “This season, he’s less controlled by mom and manager, and he is starting to ask for what he wants and what he enjoys.”

This comes after season 1, where he had to dye his tongue pink and got sick off of a raw egg diet aimed to make him look more like a pop star.

‘The Other Two’ Season 3 will see Chase return to music

As the first episode of The Other Two Season 2 shows, Chase’s college career is short-lived. A combination of his fame and his age causes his classmates to tease him relentlessly. He decides that he would be better off pursuing his singing career again. 


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Viewers can watch Chase and his mother navigate their success in The Other Two Season 2. HBO Max will drop two new episodes every Thursday.