‘The Patient’ Episode 6: What Did Alan’s Note Say?

In episode 6 of the Hulu series, The Patient, Dr. Alan Strauss finally makes a move for freedom. Alan doesn’t attack Sam or make a run for it. Instead, he plants a note, hoping it will lead the police to his captor. Here’s what the note said and why it’s so important.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for episode 6 of The Patient, “Charlie.”]

Alan writes a note in The Patient Episode 6. Alan sits in a chair wearing a white button-down and green cardigan.
Steve Carell as Alan Strauss in ‘The Patient’ | Suzanne Tenner/FX

Alan makes a play for freedom in episode 6

The Patient Episode 6 picks up in the aftermath of Sam murdering Elias. Alan is visibly shaken by the incident. To make matters worse, Sam makes him dig Elias’ grave in the basement of his house. However, Alan has a stroke of genius.

He tries to appeal to any empathy Sam the serial killer may have and convince him to leave the body out in the woods. That way, the police will find it, and Elias’ family will have closure. Though Sam is worried the body will lead the police to him, he finally agrees.

While Sam is in another room, Alan quickly scribbles a note and stuffs it in Elias’ mouth. Though Sam doesn’t notice the note, it will definitely be found when an autopsy is done on the body. But what exactly did it say?

What does Alan’s note in ‘The Patient’ Episode 6 say?

In The Patient Episode 6, the first part of the note reads, “Sam Rest Insp,” which might be a little confusing. Alan means for the police to interpret it as “Sam restaurant inspector.” Since Elias disappeared shortly after Sam Fortner inspected his restaurant, Alan figures the police will make the connection about who murdered him.

Interestingly, Alan’s inspiration may have come from something Sam said during one of their therapy sessions. In episode 4, Alan remembers Sam stating that he lied about his job initially, telling him he was a transport supervisor at a warehouse. “I figured if I told you the truth, you would write it down in your notes, and the police would find it,” Sam said.

Next, Alan writes on the note, “Shosh Ez, Dad loves you.” These words are a little more straightforward and also heartbreaking. This is Alan’s message to his children, Shoshana and Ezra, in case he doesn’t make it out of his situation alive.

Will Sam get caught in ‘The Patient’?

There are only four episodes left of the first season of The Patient, and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the note in Elias’ mouth when he moves the body in The Patient Episode 6. With that being said, it’s possible that the police will find it and catch Sam, but there’s no telling if Alan will still be alive by the time that happens. It could be a while before the body is discovered.

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