‘The Patient’ Episode 6 Release Date and Time on Hulu

The Patient Episode 5 has dropped on Hulu, and it marks a turning point in the psychological thriller — for Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) and Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson). Despite Alan’s attempts to rein Sam in, this week’s installment suggests that his interventions aren’t helping. The latest chapter ends on a disturbing cliffhanger that will leave viewers eager for more information. So, what is the release date and time for The Patient Episode 6 on Hulu?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Patient Episode 5, “Pastitsio.”]

Alan’s attempts fail during ‘The Patient’ Episode 5

Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson as Alan Strauss and Sam Fortner in 'The Patient' for our article about episode 6 and its release date on Hulu. Alan is sittingg beneath the covers in a bed, and Sam is sitting on a chair next to the bed and holding a box.
Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson in ‘The Patient’ | Suzanne Tenner/FX

The Patient Episode 5 opens with Sam taking Alan’s advice and visiting his ex-wife, Mary (Emily Davis), but the trip doesn’t have the effect Alan intends. The psychotherapist hopes that distracting his captor will take his mind off of his violent impulses — and the other man trapped in his basement. However, it appears to do the opposite. After learning that Mary adopted another child, Sam comes home in a rage, wondering how anyone could hurt an innocent kid.

Again, Sam’s violence stems from the abuse he faced at the hands of his father, but he can’t seem to disconnect that from Elias (Alex Rich). He insists that all the people he targets are bad at their core. And despite Alan’s protests, he can’t shake that thought process.

Alan and Candace Fortner (Linda Emond) are able to buy Elias a little time, but their pleas don’t keep Sam grounded for the entire episode. The ending sees Alan suggesting that Elias join him and Sam for one of their therapy sessions. And although Alan wants to humanize Elias in this moment, he winds up sealing his fate. The end of The Patient Episode 5 sees Sam killing Elias in front of Alan, an act that there’s no going back from — for patient or therapist.

Needless to say, we can expect some terse interactions between The Patient‘s main characters when episode 6 arrives on Hulu. When can viewers expect it?

When is ‘The Patient’ on Hulu? Episode 6 release date and time

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With The Patient Episode 5 ending on such a dark note, viewers will no doubt want to learn what’s next for Alan Strauss. So, when does The Patient Episode 6 come out on Hulu?

New episodes of The Patient drop every Tuesday on the platform, with the sixth installment set to arrive on Sept. 27. Each installment typically drops around 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET, so that’s when subscribers can start looking for it.

Check out the full release schedule for Hulu’s The Patient below:

  • Episode 1 and 2: Aug. 30
  • Episode 3: Sept. 6
  • Episode 4: Sept. 13
  • Episode 5: Sept. 20
  • Episode 6: Sept. 27
  • Episode 7: Oct. 3
  • Episode 8: Oct. 11
  • Episode 9: Oct. 18
  • Episode 10: Oct. 25

Viewers have officially passed the halfway point of Steve Carell’s new show, and it seems things could get darker from here on out. Although kidnapping his therapist was already a major problem for Sam, killing someone — with Alan as a witness — is bound to go over even less well.

What to expect when episode 6 debuts on Hulu

So now that we know when The Patient Episode 6 debuts on Hulu, what can viewers expect from it? According to IMDb, the next chapter will be titled “Charlie.” From the character description on FX, it seems David Alan Grier’s Charlie served as a mentor to Alan. Whatever advice he gave him, it’s likely to help Alan moving forward.

The synopsis for “Charlie” teases a tough mental state for Carell’s character, but it seems he’s still trying to push Sam in the right direction: “Dr. Strauss struggles with the reality he finds himself in. Sam is consumed with practical necessities, but agrees to his therapist’s advice to make different choices.”

Whether Sam will actually make better decisions remains up in the air, but it’s hard to see Alan coming back from what he just witnessed. Hopefully, it won’t impact his chance at escape — if there even is one.

The Patient Episode 5 debuts on Hulu on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

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