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Mike Myers is back on the small-screen in the most comical and exaggerated way possible in Netflix’s The Pentaverate. The actor stars as multiple characters in the Netflix series centered on a secret organization that runs the world. A local Canadian reporter goes on an adventure to expose them. At first, many might think the Pentaverate seeks to control the world for evil means, but the series proves otherwise.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Pentaverate.]

'The Pentaverate' secret organization members
‘The Pentaverate’ main characters | via Netflix

‘The Pentaverate’ storyline started as a conspiracy joke from Mike Myers’s 1993 movie

Anyone who has been a fan of Mike Myers before he became the infamous Austin Powers would recall his black comedy movie So, I Married an Axe Murderer. While the movie focused on Myers’s on-screen character believing his new girlfriend is a serial killer, it birthed the storyline concept for The Pentaverate.

Charlie McKenzie (Myers) visits his parents in the movie, and his father begins to tell his best friend about a secret society. The Pentaverate is a secret organization run by five of the world’s richest men. They meet tri-annually at a secret mansion in Colorado.

The organization’s members include the world’s elite like the Queen and the Vatican. Charlie’s father explains they control everything in the world, from the media to newspapers. To anyone, it is a conspiracy theory that makes the Pentaverate sound like evil masterminds, but are they?

The goal of the secret society in ‘The Pentaverate’ is to solve the world’s biggest problems

Secret societies are often categorized as wanting to exploit and control world affairs with evil intentions. At first glance, the Pentaverate seems to fit the bill as they do have their misconstrued ways. For example, when recruiting a new member, they fake their death in the real world. But the goal of the secret society is not as bad as it is made to appear.

When nuclear physicist Dr. Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key) is kidnapped to join the Pentaverate, fans learn their goal is to help save the world. They went against the church during the black plague, explaining it was caused by fleas on rats.

Since then, they banded together to form a society to influence global events for the sake of humanity. Dr. Clark is kidnapped to help solve the Earth’s global warming using his theory on cold fusion. They also meet annually at The Meadows to discuss the world’s most pressing matters that need to be solved.

Is the Pentaverate really evil? The Netflix series does not make them out to be. By the finale, the Pentaverate realize they have been infiltrated by one of their own. To stop their organization from going into the wrong hands, they sacrifice themselves to save the world. They also give their supercomputer a new human soul, one that is pure and kind.

The Netflix series makes fun of other infamous secret organizations


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The Pentaverate is based on the obsession with conspiracy theories and the not-so-secret organizations. In the series, fans hear the mention of the Illuminati. When Dr. Clark is kidnapped and realizes conspiracy theories are true, he has one hard-hitting question. Is the Illuminati real?

Lord Lordington (Myers) willingly explains that they are but laments that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are members. He comically admits they also happen to be double agents. The Pentaverate is much less known than the Illuminati in the Netflix series but seems to have more power. The limited series by Myers makes fun of these secret organizations but gives them a twist on being the good guys.

The Pentaverate is available to stream on Netflix.