‘The Pioneer Woman’ Fans Uplift Ree Drummond After Sharing Her Journey to a Healthier Life

Ree Drummond inspires her fans of The Pioneer Woman while she shares her life experiences. The Food Network star recently shared her road to a healthier life a year after she started. Now fans are uplifting her with messages of support.

Ree Drummond smiling, sporting her red head, a sheer flowery top and a beaded necklace
Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Fans show love to Ree Drummond

After Drummond shared her emotional message and road to making healthier choices, it wasn’t long before fans came in to share their thoughts. As it was expected, her followers showed her love and support is that she inspires them to be healthy too. Some fans even shared their own journeys to weight loss.

“I love everything about this, Ree. Thanks so much for the inspiration,” a fan replied.

“You’ve always been a stunner and you are even better with age. I’m 52 in March and need to take a leaf out of your book,” a follower commented.

“I love your healthy, common sense approach! No gimmicks, just good nutrition, and exercise. I’m 52 and started my own journey 1 year ago and I’ve lost 60 lbs, my cholesterol is lowered and I feel so much better. Thanks for the inspiration!” an Instagram user shared.

“Thank you for sharing your journey, you look amazing!” another fan said.

“I really appreciate what you wrote. As a woman of similar age and some similar circumstances, I sometimes doubt weight loss is possible. It’s good to know it happens in real life!” another follower added.

“Holy moly! You look amazing! I’m gonna do it! If you can at 53, I can at 43!!!” another Instagram user mentioned.

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How did Ree Drummond achieve success in weight loss journey?

Drummond shared on her blog how she went about her journey to weight loss. She said she didn’t use a trainer or did any of those diets like Keto or Paleo. The Pioneer Woman star detailed that she ate fewer calories, consumed smaller portions, weighed her food, and exercised by walking and lifting weights. Drummond also said that she “ate more protein, ate less sugar, and drank no alcohol.” Lastly, Drummond said she weighed herself daily and switched to a standing desk to move around more often.

Another tip that Drummond shared was that during the first five months of her journey, she was intense and then started relaxing during the summer months. Throughout the first months, she was able to get “a good sense of portion sizes, calorie amounts, and protein percentage, and I was able to go about daily life with a general sense of the choices I needed to make.”

Drummond also shared that she doesn’t have a list of banned foods but has also been more mindful of “wasted calories.”

“I’m so grateful for that initial five months of nutritional boot camp I put myself through because, in addition to resetting my whole understanding of portion size, it also made me much more aware of wasted calories, and the importance of minimizing them as a percentage of my diet,” she wrote.

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