‘The Pioneer Woman’: How Old is Ree Drummond? How Old is Her Husband, Ladd Drummond?

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is known for her amazing cooking. And she frequently describes life on the ranch via her Food Network show. Not only that, but we get to see what her home life is like with her kids and her husband, Ladd Drummond. So, how old is Ree now, and what is her husband’s age?

How old is Ree Drummond, ‘The Pioneer Woman’?

'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond smiling at the camera
Ree Drummond, ‘The Pioneer Woman’ | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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So, what is Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s age, and when did she get started with her business? Ree’s birthday is Jan. 6, 1969, making her 52 years old in 2021. And she has plenty of years of experience behind her.

Biography reports she created her Pioneer Woman blog back in 2006. The blog talked about her life on her Oklahoma ranch, as Ree didn’t always live in the rural countryside. The blog also discussed her kids and her favorite recipes, and it grew a giant fan base over time. When Ree first began her blog, she was around 37 years old.

As for Ree’s cooking show, she didn’t get a deal with Food Network until after the success of her award-winning blog. The Pioneer Woman premiered in 2011. At the time, she was 42.

In addition to her books, her blog, her products, and her show, Ree also has a restaurant, a retail store, and a bakery. The Pioneer Woman Mercantile is located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and it opened in 2016.

How old is Ladd Drummond, Ree Drummond’s husband?

So, how old is Ladd, the Pioneer Woman‘s husband? He’s also 52, and his birthday is quite close to Ree’s. He was born on Jan. 22, 1969.

Ladd and Ree have been married for 23 years, and their love story started in a small-town bar. Back when Ree was in her college years, she stopped at home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, before moving out to the big city of Chicago, The Pioneer Woman blog states. She then met Ladd at a bar — and she never ended up moving out to Chicago. Instead, she pursued her relationship with Ladd, and they married in 1996 when they were both 27.

Unfortunately, Ladd was in the news in March 2021 due to an accident. According to Yahoo, Ladd and Ree’s nephew, Caleb, were involved in a head-on collision after racing in separate vehicles to put out a fire. The conditions made it difficult for Ladd and Caleb to see, thus causing the crash. Ree noted she believes both her husband and nephew will be OK.

How old are the Drummond kids?

Todd Drummond, Bryce Drummond, 'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond, Paige Drummond, and Ladd Drummond attend The Pioneer Woman Magazine Celebration
Todd Drummond, Bryce Drummond, Ree Drummond, Paige Drummond, and Ladd Drummond attend ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Magazine Celebration | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

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Ree and Ladd have a number of kids, too. Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd are the Pioneer Woman’s biological children, and the couple also foster Jamar.

Alex is the oldest Drummond child, according to Ree’s blog. She’s 23 and currently engaged. She’s planning on having her wedding in May, and she lives in Dallas, Texas.

Paige is 21 and the second-oldest Drummond kid. She attends the University of Arkansas.

Bryce is next, and he’s 18. He just completed his senior year of high school, and he’s busy training for University of North Texas’ football program.

Jamar is also 18, and Ree wrote about her experience fostering him on her blog. “Fostering a kid was never something Ladd and I pursued or felt called to do, but Jamar’s circumstances presented themselves to us in a way we couldn’t ignore—so, long story short, all 6-foot-5 inches of him showed up at our house one afternoon, bag in hand, ready to move in,” she wrote. It’s clear Ree adores Jamar, as he seems to be an excellent addition to the family.

Finally, Todd, the youngest of the bunch, is now 17. He also plays football but is better known for his wrestling achievements.

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