‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Cat Is Besties with Her Dogs

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is known for having dogs, but she also has cats. Here’s what the Food Network star said about the sweet relationship her cat has with her dogs.

Some fans think Ree Drummond doesn’t like cats

Ree Drummond |  Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Last year, some fans took to Instagram to (mistakenly) complain Drummond doesn’t like cats. They came to this conclusion after she announced a partnership with Purina. Drummond let her fans know she was releasing a line of dog treats. Some of her fans got upset because The Pioneer Woman has yet to release products for cats.

Although there are fans who think Drummond is anti-cat, her website suggests otherwise. The Food Network star has two cats. She even posted a blog titled “And the Greatest of These Is Cats.”

One of Ree Drummond’s cats is besties with her dogs

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I think I'll start calling him Rafter.

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In the summer 2020 issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine, a reader asks if Drummond still has cats and if they get along with the dogs. Drummond reveals she does have her cats and that one of them is pretty much best friends with the dogs. The cat even cuddles with them. Here’s what Drummond had to say about her cats:

We have two barn cats, but we only see one of them on a regular basis. The one that we do see gets along great with the dogs. He cuddles with Duke, especially when it’s cool outside—it’s funny. They’re unlikely bedfellows. We call him Kitten Kitten.

In her blog, Drummond says she has another cat named Kitty Kitty. She writes about how happy she is when she sees him (that doesn’t sound like a cat hater to us). “I was so glad to see Kitty Kitty,” says Drummond. “He’s graceful and elegant. What cat isn’t? I was so happy to see him, I put a tulip on his back. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this.”

Ree Drummond says her cats are ‘the two very best cats in the world’

Drummond has nothing but good things to say about her cats. Back in 2012, she dedicated an entire blog post to them. Drummond wrote about how well-behaved and affectionate her fur children are. She marvels at their ability to refrain from biting or scratching when she pets them and how sweet they are to each other. Here’s a bit of what Drummond posted about her cats:

They’re affectionate. They’re communicative. They lie on their backs and allow me to rub their bellies without instinctively clawing and biting my hand because they’re afraid my hand is going to attack their internal organs. I assume that’s why most cats don’t let people rub their bellies, but I’m not sure. Maybe cats are just ticklish.

Either way, I rub my cats’ bellies with impunity. They’re sweet to each other. They lick each other’s ears. They lick each other’s paws. They start purring when anyone starts talking to them. They start purring when anyone looks at them. They sleep together in a yin-yang position. They’re always on the porch. They’re the two very best cats in the world, I think. (Besides yours, of course.)

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