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Ree Drummond recently announced her three-part discovery+ Christmas special, Hometown Stories. The Pioneer Woman shared her life with her viewers and allowed the cameras to follow her as she did taste tests, spent some quality time with her sister and mother, and chatted with the people who help run The Pioneer Woman Mercantile and The Pioneer Woman Boarding House. Here are some of the sweet moments from Drummond’s holiday special.

Ree Drummond had a sleepover with her sister and mother

Ree Drummond and her family
Ree Drummond and her family | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Drummond, her sister Betsy, and her mother Gerre had a special sleepover at The Pioneer Woman Boarding House. Gerre stayed in the Butterfly Room and Betsy stayed in the Photograph Room. They wore matching plaid pajamas and spent time together. The three of them started the night with a cocktail and then had pizza from P-Town Pizza. The next day, Drummond, her sister, and her mother ordered room service breakfast.

Drummond surprised Betsy and Gerre by ordering the hot cocoa pancakes from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. Gerre was impressed with the meal but she couldn’t quite figure out if it was cake or a pancake.

Ladd Drummond stopped by to visit Ree Drummond

Drummond was treated to a sweet surprise when Ladd (also known as Marlboro Man) showed up. Apparently, The Pioneer Woman is always on his mind. Drummond, who seemed pleasantly surprised to see Ladd, offered him a slice of pizza. She offered to let him join in on the fun and stay for girls’ night, be he declined. Ladd gave Drummond time to catch up with her family.

Drummond has been married to Ladd since 1996. One thing Ladd says he loves about working on his ranch is that he gets to see his family on a regular basis. “Getting to work with the kids, and having Ree around, and we’re all on the ranch together, it’s truly just a blessing,” Ladd once said during an interview with NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen Convention. “And that’s what makes it the most fun of everything… We have a lot of family involved, and that’s really probably the best part about it.”

Todd Drummond was a taste tester for the featured Mercantile sundae

During episode 1, the folks over at The Mercantile introduced two new sundaes for the holiday menu–the cookies for Santa sundae and the merry berry sundae. Drummond describes them as “indulgent, over-the-top festive creations.” The Accidental Country Girl says one of her favorite things to do is pick the seasonal sundae that will be added to the menu at her ice cream shop, Charlie’s.

The sundaes made quite an impression on Drummond. She needed help choosing the featured sundae, so she called on her son Todd. She asked him to stop by Charlie’s so he could do a taste test and see which one he liked best. Drummond said Todd is the “resident sweets expert.” Which sundae was the winner? Todd liked the cookies for Santa sundae. He couldn’t stop eating the sweet treat.

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