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The Pioneer Woman made a chocolatey breakfast that’s so sweet, she called it “dessert.” Here’s how to make Ree Drummond’s double chocolate chip pancakes.

Ree Drummond’s double chocolate chip pancakes

Ree Drummond stirs a pot of food while posing next to Daphne Oz on The Chew.
Ree Drummond and Daphne Oz | Ida Mae Astute/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Drummond says one of her favorite ways to quickly get a pancake breakfast on the table is to use boxed pancake mix. “One of my favorite quick and easy ways to get pancakes on the table is to use ready-made pancake mix and then doctor it up,” says Drummond on The Pioneer Woman show. “And you can take it in so many different directions.”

Drummond likes to use 10-grain or multi-grain pancake mix. She says she prefers this type of mix because she wants her breakfast to have some nutritional value. “And then of course, you can add all the whipped cream and caramel sauce you want,” jokes Drummond. Next, she adds milk, melted butter, sugar, an egg, and whisks the ingredients together.

Drummond says she enjoys pancakes, but she doesn’t feel it’s necessary to eat a lot of them in one sitting. She says portion control is key, especially if you’re concerned about calorie intake.

“I love pancakes, and it’s not something I would eat every morning of my life,” says Drummond. “But you can make pancakes and just have one or two. You don’t have to have a stack going to the ceiling of pancakes. So, it doesn’t have to be a crazy, caloric explosion.”

Preparing the double chocolate chip pancakes

For the next step, Drummond adds dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and folds them together in the pancake batter. You can also add granola, chopped strawberries, blueberries, or chopped apples. Drummond says if you want to introduce a bit of “fruitiness” to your pancakes, you can add preserves. Another tip she gives is that if you want your pancakes to be flatter, just add more milk to thin out the batter.

Next, Drummond butters a griddle and sets it on medium-low heat. Then, she spoons about ¼ cup of pancake mix per pancake onto the griddle. She says she “babysits” the pancakes while they’re on low heat so that they don’t burn. Once the pancake looks like it’s getting golden, she flips it over. Drummond says one thing she loves about home-cooked pancakes is that no two pancakes look alike.

“This is not a pancake house situation where there’s like a conveyer belt,” jokes Drummond. “I don’t even think that exists; I don’t know why I said that,” she quickly adds.

Putting the finishing touches on the pancakes

Drummond says you can stack your pancakes, but she prefers to overlap her pancakes in a plate. Paige says the arrangement is almost like a flower. She places a piece of butter in the middle of the pancakes. Then, Drummond pours syrup and chocolate sauce on top of the pancakes. For the finishing touch, she sprays whipped cream on top and sprinkles chocolate chips and caramel sauce. “This is what you call dessert pancake right here,” says Drummond.

Drummond says this isn’t a healthy breakfast, but it’s quick and easy. “That is dessert; you can’t convince me otherwise,” says Drummond at the end of her show.

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