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Ree Drummond is known for being creative with her recipes. One way The Pioneer Woman likes to make some of her meals a little more exciting is to add soda. If you’re a fan of Dr Pepper, Drummond’s got the recipe for you. Here are her instructions for spicy Dr Pepper pulled pork sandwiches.

Ree Drummond adds soda to pound cake

Ree Drummond and Food Network Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maile Carpenter
Ree Drummond and Food Network Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maile Carpenter | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hearst

One recipe Drummond adds soda to is pound cake. Her sodas of choice for this recipe are Sprite, 7-Up, or Seirra Mist. At the time, Drummond only had Sprite in her home, so this is the soda she chose for the recipe. She says this pound cake recipe is a version of the 7-Up cakes many people baked in the ‘70s.

Drummond couldn’t stop raving about how tasty the pound cake is. “This is delicious, folks,” writes Drummond. “Absolutely delicious. Invert it onto a plate (let the cake sit, inverted, until the cake eventually drops), then cut into slices. Serve alone with a cup of coffee for a mid-day (or mid-morning, for Second Breakfast) snack, with ice cream and raspberry sauce, or with syrupy strawberries and whipped cream. It’s a versatile, yummy pound cake that’ll add a little joy to your life.”

Ree Drummond’s Dr Pepper pulled pork recipe


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Drummond shared a spicy pulled pork recipe with her fans. She says the recipe came to her in a “vision.” She tells her fans it might seem strange to cook pork in Dr Pepper, but it was worth it because the results were amazing.

“Cooking pork with Dr Pepper is bizarre, I know,” says Drummond. “It came to me in a vision. And it resulted in a flavorful, moist shredded pork for everything from carnitas to nachos.”

If you have an occasion where you need to feed a crowd, this recipe is a great option. However, you’ll need to make sure you leave plenty of time to prepare this meal from start to finish. It takes a while to fully cook. This pulled pork recipe yields 18 servings, takes 5 minutes of prep time, and a total of 6 hours to cook.

One thing Drummond likes about this recipe is that the meat can be used to make other meals. “It cooks up moist and tender and results in so much meat, you can either feed a crowd or stretch the meat into at least two or three different meals,” says Drummond. Some of the ingredients you’ll need for this meal are onions, black pepper, and brown sugar. You can find the full ingredients list and directions on Drummond’s website.

Ladd Drummond is a big fan of Dr Pepper

Drummond most likely had Ladd in mind when she cooked up this recipe. She mentions in her book how much Ladd loves Dr Pepper. According to the Accidental Country Girl, Ladd can get a bit irritated when he doesn’t have his Dr Pepper fix. She joked that she even asks God to convince her husband not to give up Dr Pepper for Lent.

When it comes to how he drinks the beverage, Drummond says he prefers to drink Dr Pepper from a can. For him, it’s like his morning coffee. Drummond makes sure to purchase cans of Dr Pepper in bulk so her husband will never run out.

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