‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Morning Routine

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond invites viewers into her kitchen each week and shows them how to make delicious, home-cooked meals. She also gives a peek inside her morning routine and how she balances her home and work life. Here’s what she had to say.

Ree Drummond is working to find balance in her life

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond wears a blue shirt while giving a presentation at an event.
The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hearst

Drummond admits it can be hard to strike a balance between her work and home life. She tells Us Weekly she tries her best to pick projects that are a good fit for her and her family.

“It’s hard for us girls; we take on the burdens of everyone in our lives,” she tells the publication. “We have to really find balance, not that guys don’t too. Balance is always something I’m working on and striving for. It’s very nice to learn how to say no graciously and pick the things you feel good about. I start to picture, ‘If I do this, it’s time away from my family.’”

What a typical day looks like for Ree Drummond

Drummond says her “typical” day looks different depending on the project she’s working on at the moment. She says she usually wakes up very early in the morning. It’s not unusual for her to get up at 5:00 a.m. (unlike Jennifer Lopez, who usually goes to sleep at this time). Drummond says she sometimes wakes up even earlier. Once she’s up, the first thing she grabs is an iced coffee. She tells the publication she likes to keep iced coffee in her refrigerator at “all times.”

Mornings are busy for The Pioneer Woman. She says she sometime spends the first part of her day cooking for her husband and the people who work on the ranch with him. Other days, she spends time preparing to film episodes for her Food Network show. Sometimes she will stop by The Mercantile and do a bit of work. “Never a dull moment,” she tells Us Weekly. “In fact, I aspire to dull moments!”

How Ree Drummond relaxes

Drummond is very busy, but she does find time to relax. She tells the magazine that she loves to watch television when she has some downtime. Her favorite show to watch while she relaxes is The Real Housewives. “That is my guilty pleasure,” says Drummond. “When you watch a show for as long as I have you really become attached. I not only enjoy watching Real Housewives, I enjoy trying to analyze why I watch Real Housewives; that is part of the fun.”

Drummond loves The Real Housewives so much that her mother-of-the-bride dress was inspired by the show. She chose a Jovani dress for Alex Drummond’s big day. The brand is featured prominently on the show in one episode, so Drummond couldn’t resist when it was time to make her dress purchase. Joked Drummond on her blog, “I googled ‘Jovani’ and decided at that moment that I was going to do everything I could to wear the brand at Alex’s wedding, because The Real Housewives are my imaginary best friends and I wanted them to come to the wedding with me.”

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