‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Peppercorn-Crusted Steak with Pimiento Creamed Spinach Recipe

Make it a steak night and try The Pioneer Woman’s latest meal. Ree Drummond whips up yet another delightful dinner with her peppercorn-crusted steak and pimiento creamed spinach. Here’s how to make this recipe.

Ree Drummond’s peppercorn-crusted steak with pimiento creamed spinach

Robin Roberts and Ree Drummond talk during a cooking demonstration.
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Drummond says this is the recipe to make when you have your favorite person over for dinner, your boss, or someone you want to impress. She starts by adding peppercorn and sugar to a plastic sandwich bag. This mixture serves as the crust on the steaks. Drummond crushes the mixture with a wooden rolling pin.

Drummond uses Kansas City strip steaks for this meal, but she says any type of steak is OK. “You can do ribeyes, you can do filets, whatever kind of beef you happen to have at your disposal,” she says. Next, Drummond sprinkles kosher salt on top of the steaks. Then she adds half of the peppercorn mixture, rubbing it into each piece. She flips over the steaks and does the same thing on the other side.

Drummond adds oil to a skillet and places the steaks inside. She says she loves strip steaks for this kind of meal because she plans to slice the steaks and they slice well.

Making the creamed spinach

For the first step in her creamed spinach recipe, Drummond heats up butter and finely diced onions in a pan. Then, she adds spinach. “Whenever I think of a really elegant steak dinner, I always think of creamed spinach because that is what I order to go with steaks whenever I go to a really nice steak house,” says Drummond.

“The whole thing about creamed spinach is that the spinach is wilted,” says Drummond. “You have to start with basically a mountain of spinach to have enough creamed spinach to serve four or five people.” Drummond flips the spinach over and starts the wilting process. She continues cooking the steak and spinach until the steaks are ready to be turned over and the spinach is completely wilted.

For the creamed spinach, Drummond cuts a block of cream cheese into cubes. She makes sure to spread out the spinach so that the cheese meets the bottom of the pan and begins to soften. Drummond then adds half and half and garlic and stirs them together. She says it doesn’t take a lot of cream cheese and half and half to make the spinach creamy.

Next, she adds nutmeg and pimiento to the creamed spinach. She says the pimiento gives the spinach “a pop of color.” As far as the nutmeg, Drummond says it will be noticeable if you skip this ingredient, so she suggests adding it to the spinach. Her daughter, Paige, isn’t a fan of pimiento, so she protests in the background during Drummond’s cooking demonstration. The Accidental Country Girl reassures her that she won’t even be able to taste the pimiento.

Preparing the steak and finishing the creamed spinach

Next, Drummond slices the steaks. Then she places a bed of creamed spinach on the platter. “This is the kind of bed I want to sleep in,” she jokes. Next, Drummond places the sliced steaks on top of the spinach. You can find the complete ingredients and instructions here.

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