‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Strawberry Prosecco Peach Jellies

The Pioneer Woman showed home cooks how to make a fun dessert. Here’s Ree Drummond’s recipe for strawberry prosecco peach jellies.

Ree Drummond’s strawberry prosecco peach jellies

Ree Drummond and Daphne Oz do a cooking demonstration on CBS' The Chew.
Ree Drummond and Daphne Oz | Ida Mae Astute/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Drummond says her strawberry prosecco peach jellies are perfect for entertaining. She also describes them as “grownup gelatin shots.”

“They are so pretty, so delightful, lively, sweet, and very, very pretty,” says Drummond on The Pioneer Woman show. The Food Network cook starts by adding one cup of prosecco to a saucepan. Then, she adds ¾ cup of strawberry lemonade and ¼ cup of strawberry lemonade vodka. Drummond says she measures everything because she wants to make sure the recipe comes out just right.

Next, Drummond takes two packets of plain gelatin and sprinkles them on top of the liquid. She says it’s best to let the mixture sit for roughly one minute. “I don’t want to stir it or disturb it for a minute,” says Drummond. “I just want to let it sit and kind of start the process.”

For the next step, Drummond turns the heat to medium and stirs the gelatin mixture. She removes it from the heat right before it starts to simmer. She says this process takes about two minutes. Once the gelatin heats up and dissolves, Drummond pours it back into the measuring cup. “I wanted to cool this a little bit and I also want to have a spouted vessel so I can pour it into the molds,” says Drummond.

Preparing the gelatin molds

Drummond places the gelatin molds in the freezer so they can be cold before she begins filling them. She adds a tablespoon of diced peaches to each mold. Drummond says you can add any fruit you like to the mold.

Drummond recommends adding the fruit first because there’s a better chance the fruit will be on top of the finished dessert. Drummond inverts the gelatin molds after they’re chilled.

Next, The Accidental Country Girl adds a tablespoon of strawberries to each mold. Once the gelatin mixture is chilled, she pours some of it inside each mold. She pours just enough to cover the fruit. “You want to give it enough room to expand when it chills, so don’t go to the very, very top,” says Drummond.

After Drummond chills the gelatin, she takes each mold and dips the bottom of it into hot water for a few seconds. She dries the bottom of the mold with a dish towel and then inverts it on a plate. “It’s pretty little adult gelatin dessert,” says Drummond.

Ree Drummond’s favorite dessert to make for parties

In the Spring 2018 issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine, Drummond revealed that her favorite dessert to make for parties is dump cake. She says it’s always a popular treat at parties.

“If you ask the potluck side of me, I’d say my favorite is dump cake,” says Drummond. “It’s so fun, and it’s always a hit. I made a trifle for a potluck once, and it didn’t really go anywhere. It was pretty, but I think people didn’t want to mess it up. When I take a dump cake, it’s gone!”

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