‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Welcomes a Special Guest on Her Show

The Pioneer Woman’s TV crew is growing. Ree Drummond had a new face on the show in a recent episode. Here’s what the Food Network star prepared and who came to the show.

Ree Drummond’s spicy recipes

The Pioneer Woman cooks a meal with Stephen Colbert.
Stephen Colbert and Ree Drummond | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

During The Pioneer Woman Season 31 Episode 2 (titled “Spice It Up”), Drummond made some of her best spicy dishes. For this episode, she added spice to some old favorite family recipes. During the show’s opening, she says she is adding “variety and spice to some real Drummond favorites.” (Drummond makes some of her grandmother’s recipes during the previous season.)

Drummond put together an exciting menu that included spicy garlic bread sloppy joes, pub salad board with creamy caper tarragon dressing, and spicy ginger sundaes. Some other recipes Drummond has spiced up are fried chicken and waffles; spicy sriracha popcorn, chicken spaghetti with spicy sausage and red pepper flakes; and macaroni and cheese with jalapeno, hot sauce, and pepper jack cheese.

Ree Drummond welcomed a special guest

This episode of The Pioneer Woman was a special one. The episode included Paige’s boyfriend, Mitchell. Usually, the crew includes Alex and Mauricio, Stewart, and Paige. This time, her friend (as Drummond likes to call him) joined in on the fun. (Fans can’t get over his resemblance to Mauricio.)

Drummond took a moment during her show to ask Paige what she likes about Mitchell. Paige had her list ready. “Mitchell is funny, he’s very intentional and sincere, and he’s very considerate of others,” she says.

Since Mitchell is part of the filming, it’s safe to assume he and Paige are serious. Could there be a wedding in their future? We can’t wait to see what happens with these two.

Mitchell visited the Drummonds for Easter

Mitchell joined the Drummond family for the Easter holiday (some fans had questions after seeing the Easter pic). He and Paige looked happy and in love. The highlight of the festivities was when Bryce, Drummond’s son, helped remove the ham from the oven. Drummond’s father-in-law, Chuck, made a 30-pound ham. It was easier to get the ham into the oven than to remove it. Thankfully, Bryce was there to lend a hand.

“When it came time to lift the ham out of the oven after it cooked, Chuck and I realized we were outmatched because it had been cooking in a disposable aluminum roasting pan with a rack, and even if we could lift it from a strength perspective (which was questionable), the flexibility of the pan made the whole thing pretty unwieldy,” says Drummond on The Pioneer Woman website. Bryce was able to successfully retrieve the ham without dropping it on the floor.

Alex Drummond’s first anniversary

During the previous episode of The Pioneer Woman, Drummond celebrated Alex and Mauricio’s first wedding anniversary. (Check out some of the recipes Drummond made to celebrate Alex and Mauricio’s honeymoon in the Maldives.) The couple decided to get married on the Drummond ranch. Drummond included clips of the ceremony and spoke about some of the highlights.

In one clip, we see Paige’s wedding speech for Alex and Mauricio. Drummond also showed a clip where she got her heel stuck in a grate. Thankfully, a few of the photographers were able to come to her rescue and get her unstuck. We also see Mauricio’s tearful reaction when he first sees Alex walking down the aisle. Here’s to Alex and Mauricio and many more years of marriage.

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