‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond’s Crispy, Cheesy Taquitos Recipe Is ‘Super Easy’

Food Network star Ree Drummond’s Chicken Taquitos recipe is the ultimate light dinner or snack. Packed with flavorful chicken and served with a cooling ranch dip, once you try The Pioneer Woman’s spin on this popular appetizer, you’ll never go back to store-bought.

Celebrity chef Ree Drummond wears a blue blouse in this photograph.
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Ree Drummond’s taquitos feature spice and crunch

Drummond’s recipe includes chicken thighs, garlic, onions, ancho chile powder, ground cumin, tomato sauce, and lime juice for the chicken filling. Once the chicken mixture has cooled, shredded Colby jack cheese is added to the filling.

The ranch dip comes together with sour cream, mayonnaise, milk, fresh cilantro, fresh dill, more ancho chile powder, grated garlic, and a dash of hot sauce.

Corn tortillas and vegetable oil round out the ingredients list for this super easy recipe.

The chef’s recipe is fun to make, as long as your tortillas don’t crack, reviewers note on Food Network’s website

As the culinary personality’s  ‘Pioneer Woman’ site says of this dish that not many can turn down: “Making taquitos is super easy—just spoon the filling into the center of the tortillas, roll it into a tight cylinder, then use a toothpick to ‘pin’ the tortilla in place.

“You can roll the taquitos up to an hour in advance and keep them covered with a damp paper towel (to keep them from drying out), but fry them just before you want to serve them to guarantee extra-crispy results.”

A few reviewers on Food Network’s website reported their corn tortillas cracking while rolling up each taquito, and one home cook offered a workable solution: “I would definitely recommend heating the corn tortillas on the open flame burners (both sides) and slightly crisp the edges before filling them. Once the tortillas were heated they were much more pliable and didn’t crack.”

Another fan of the recipe gave the idea a hearty thumbs-up. “These are amazing & I love the sauce! The idea to warm the tortillas on an open flame was perfect! The tortillas stayed intact while rolling & while frying. I will also try these in the air fryer,” they wrote.

The dip is practically instant: whisk all the dip ingredients in a bowl “until smooth.” Allow it to chill covered in the refrigerator for all of the flavors to meld together and so it chills sufficiently until you’re ready to serve the crunchy hot taquitos.

Get the complete recipe and reviews on Food Network’s site.

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Home cooks loved how easy Drummond’s Chicken Taquitos are to make

Although the cracking tortillas were an issue for a few home cooks, most found the tortillas easy to use. In fact, while restaurant and store-bought taquitos may look intimidating to make, Drummond’s recipe proves they’re actually easy and even fun to put together.

“Very flavorful and easy to make.  It will definitely be something I will make regularly!,” one home cook wrote on Food Network’s site.

Another reviewer said, “My family thought they were amazing!! My husband said they were the best taquitos he’s ever had.”

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