‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond’s Pancake Pockets Recipe Is ‘Pure Genius’

Pancakes are taken to a new level with Food Network star Ree Drummond‘s Pancake Pockets. Each bite of the morning treat is packed with flavor. And this is thanks to The Pioneer Woman host’s creative approach to bundling pancake, filling, and syrup all together.

'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond smiles during a 2021 appearance on 'Today.'
‘The Pioneer Woman’ star Ree Drummond on ‘Today’ | Nathan Congleton /NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ree Drummond takes her pancakes seriously

The Food Network personality revealed on her food blog that “I happen to be obsessed with pancakes, and decided not to rest until I came up with the perfect pancake recipe.

“Making pancakes from scratch is the only way to go,” she wrote. “But there’s only one problem: pancakes made from scratch often don’t taste as good as those made from good box mixes, let alone those in pancake houses. Pancakes at home are often either too eggy…or too chewy and tough…or just too blah.”

Although she confessed to having a “love-hate relationship with pancakes on so many levels,” (the love is for “the way good pancakes taste” and the hate, we can relate, is for “what good pancakes do to my bottom. I eat them, it grows”), Drummond perfected her recipe.

She jokingly cautions, “This one works every time, but you have to do absolutely everything I say or your life will spiral downward into a series of mishaps and lost opportunities.”

And it’s this perfect pancake recipe that’s the foundation for her Pancake Pockets.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s Pancake Pockets are a work of art

Drummond’s Pancake Pockets may look like any other unassuming flapjack. Each one, however, is actually packed with fruit, nuts, and syrup. Food Network tweeted about these sweet morning bundles: “@thepioneerwoman tucks strawberries, pecans, and syrup INSIDE her golden brown pancakes and it’s pure genius.”

For the recipe, cake flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk, vanilla, and one egg are needed to create the pancakes. While each one is cooking on the griddle, one tablespoon each of chopped strawberries and pecans are added to the pancake. A teaspoon of maple syrup is added to the strawberries and pecans. Then, another two tablespoons of batter are added on top. Flip it over and that’s a Pancake Pocket. “They look and smell absolutely scrumptious,” Drummond says in the Food Network video for the recipe.

Find the full recipe, video, and reviews for this great on-the-run dish at Food Network’s site.

Here’s another pancake recipe to try from ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star Ree Drummond

Reviewers loved the Food Network host’s Pancake Pockets even for busy weekday mornings

On Food Network’s site, reviewers praised Drummond’s handy morning dish especially for how easy it is to make.

One home cook gave the dish high marks, but with one constructive observation: “Kids LOVED these, only reason I gave 4 [stars] instead of 5 is because it doesn’t actually create a ‘pocket.'”

Another fan wrote, “Makes for a fun before-school breakfast. Has a lot of stuffing variation you could come up with.”

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