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We know Ewan McGregor best for his excellent movie roles he’s taken on over the years. From Trainspotting to Star Wars to Christopher Robin, not only has he proven he’s versatile, but for most of his career, he’s managed to stay far away from the media spotlight, too — though more recently, that’s changed.

While his relationship with wife Eve Mavrakis seemed rock-solid to the public, they’ve proven even marriages that have been going on for over 20 years can change on a dime. And now that plenty of time has passed since the two first went their separate ways, we can see what went wrong.

Rumors of divorce started when McGregor was seen kissing a co-star

McGregor and Mavrakis were married 22 years and had four kids together — so no one expected to see McGregor kissing a co-star in 2017. Unfortunately, it was a kiss with fellow actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead that threw the media into a frenzy, People reports. And a source confirmed with the publication that McGregor and Mavrakis had been separated for at least five months prior to that. It appeared that Winstead and McGregor had met on the set of Fargo, which sparked the romance. And even Winstead had separated from her husband in May 2017 after seven years of marriage.

McGregor and Winstead then took their relationship public in November 2017 when they were seen holding hands while walking around Los Angeles. By January 2018, People notes McGregor filed for divorce from Mavrakis and cited irreconcilable differences — but many assumed they split because of the romance between him and Winstead. Judging from his kids’ reactions and the messy divorce situation that ensued, the marriage breakup seemed anything but clean-cut.

Mavrakis has called the divorce extremely upsetting for her family

In mid-January 2018, Mavrakis spoke with the media about the divorce — and though she was definitely saddened by the events, she remained civil. People reports that she called the split “upsetting,” but her main focus was on her family. As she told The Sun, “It’s disappointing and upsetting but my main concern is our four children are okay.”

Aside from the emotional difficulties of the divorce, some reports claim there were some serious disagreements between Mavrakis and McGregor when it came to money. Back in October 2018, People reported McGregor allegedly claimed in court documents that he paid more than was necessary to cover child support in the past, therefore he wanted “reimbursement and/or credits.” Mavrakis came back and said she actually didn’t receive enough funds to cover the necessary support payments. McGregor’s lawyer said her client and Mavrakis were not actually fighting about money, however. “Eve and Ewan have agreed that they will deal with money issues later on,” the lawyer said.

Their kids are having trouble accepting Winstead

Not only have there been legalities and media backlash in the wake of the divorce, but there are also McGregor and Mavrakis’ four children to consider. People reported back in 2018 that their 22-year-old daughter, Clara, recalled calling Winstead “trash” online. Clara admitted that “there had been a lot building up to it and a lot to deal with — not to make excuses or anything — but, yeah, it wasn’t my finest moment.” And we can’t forget when Esther McGregor, who’s a young teen, seemingly wrote a sad song about her parents’ separation.

More recently, Daily Mirror reported that Clara posted a photo on Instagram of her mother on the beach and also publicly denounced her father in the comments section. As one of her followers joked, “Good to know you have the smoke show genes … keep her away from your boyfriends.” To that, Clara replied, “Nah I keep her away from a**hole men who leave my goddess of a mother :).”

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