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When it comes to famous folks we can’t take our eyes off of, Farrah Abraham is certainly one of them. She first got her start on MTV with 16 and Pregnant and then attained further fame with Teen Mom OG, but it certainly hasn’t always been a smooth ride for the young star. Due to her seemingly dramatic attitude, controversial childrearing practices, and difficulty to work with, MTV viewers never know what she’s going to do next.

Farrah’s love life has also been the topic of conversation through the years. We remember when she was with Simon Saran on Teen Mom, and she was recently reunited with him again on Ex on the Beach. Here’s the real reason the two could never make things work.

Farrah and Simon had been on again/off again since the very beginning

Things seemed rocky between Farrah and Simon since he first appeared on the MT series by her side. In Touch Weekly reminds us Simon is a real estate broker and businessman, and he and Farrah immediately hit it off because of their mutual businesslike passions. Unfortunately, it seemed the similarities ended there. While they did manage to date for two years, they continuously fought, broke up, stayed friends, and got back together numerous times.

As for one of the reasons the two could never make things work, Farrah told OK! Magazine back in 2015, “We are both two go-getters always on the move, which makes it really hard to have a relationship. We’re still really great friends.” Unfortunately, in 2017, their “friendship” took a serious turn for the worse, as E! News reports Farrah served Simon with a cease and desist order. To that, Simon said, “I don’t need drama in my life at this point. She can say what she wants, but we all know who the real one is and who the fraud is.”

Farrah said their biggest argument was over an engagement ring

It seems a huge source of contention for the couple was regarding engagement. Farrah’s made it clear she’s looking for a man who will stand by her side for the long haul, so it’s no surprise that she was hoping for a proposal from Simon. Unfortunately, the two had their biggest fight over a ring. MTV notes Farrah was in a jewelry store with her daughter and had Simon on the phone with her so she could pick out a ring to signify the long-lasting nature of their relationship. While Simon said he’d pay Farrah back if she made the purchase, he ultimately never did — and it sounds like this was the feud that ended everything.

When reflecting on the situation, Farrah said, “That stood out because that’s a life-changing and loving memento, and that turned into an ugly situation and about money. That’s disgusting, and he’s disgusting, so that was the biggest situation.” In 2017, their feud continued further online when Farrah accused Simon for using her for money and fame. Ouch.

Simon claims they broke up because she lied to him about her work in adult entertainment

More recently, we got Simon’s side of the story as to why things didn’t work out with Farrah. Pop Culture explains Simon recently went to confront Farrah on Ex on the Beach and spoke candidly to the cameras about their relationship. He explained that Farrah was never honest with him when it came to her work in the adult entertainment industry.

Not only that, but he also cited a particularly painful moment for him that involved a past party with Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. He booked a suite for Sophia’s birthday celebration and got into a fight with Farrah that resulted in him eating dinner he ordered in a hotel hallway. After the two instances, he explained, “that was my breaking point where I just said, ‘You know what? I’m out’.”

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