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Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor best known to older audiences for his heartbreaking and well-remembered role as Jack in The Titanic. Younger audiences will remember him in his Oscar-winning role of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. No matter how audiences best remember him, however, one thing is certain: DiCaprio is one of the most diversely talented actors in Hollywood right now.

Fans were shocked, however, when DiCaprio took an extended break from acting after FINALLY winning himself that Oscar. It was a crowning moment in DiCaprio history, where millions of fans cheered that their beloved actor had finally gotten the Oscar they believed he had deserved a dozen parts over. Then he just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth, and rumors began to abound.

He didn’t “stop” acting – DiCaprio was taking one of his breaks

This isn’t the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has stepped away from the big screen for a few years. When he does movies, he tends to do them in batches of between two and four. Then he takes a few years off. The only reason everyone in the world is noticing this break is that it came after such a huge point in his career.

DiCaprio has scheduled his work like this since early in his career. For example, he began one of his ‘movie batches’ in 1996 when he appeared in both Romeo + Juliet and Marvin’s Room. That was followed in 1997 by The Titanic, and in 1998 by both The Man in The Iron Mask and Celebrity. Then, he took a two-year hiatus before reappearing on the big screen in 2000.

When DiCaprio did reappear, he acted in four different movies between 2000 and 2002, before disappearing for two more years. He appears in 2004 for The Aviator. Disappeared again. Came back to appear in two movies during 2006, and then – yes, you guessed it – disappeared again.

Why does DiCaprio like to disappear?

Leonardo DiCaprio in "J. Edgar"
Leonardo DiCaprio in “J. Edgar” | Warner Bros.

Many actors will take on whatever roles they can, but DiCaprio is known for being selective. He doesn’t want audiences to get sick of him, and each role is chosen on purpose. This may be the reason behind his having one of the most diverse acting careers of all time.

If you think about it, DiCaprio has shown his diverse skill set well. In Romeo + Juliet he showed off his flare for dramatics. Another dramatic role, but in an entirely different way, was shown off in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He was dreaming and lovesick in the bittersweet romance The Titanic. He showed his tough guy side off when he appeared in Gangs of New York and Django Unchained.

What has Leonardo DiCaprio been doing with his time off?

Even though he takes time off of acting, DiCaprio doesn’t just sit around and recoup his mental health after long bouts of stress. Instead, he spends his time off doing things he enjoys and supporting causes that are important to him.

One thing he has focused highly on this last acting break was the environment. DiCaprio has flown all over the world to support environmental efforts. His less noble pursuits including playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and adding to his extensive art collection.

When will he return?

DiCaprio has already made his grand return to the big screen – just none of his projects are out yet. But later this year you’ll get to see him in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. He also has two movies in the pre-production stage and one which has only just been announced. Although there is no date yet set on when we can see them, the upcoming movies include The Black Hand, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Roosevelt.