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Adult Swim’s TV show Rick and Morty debuted season 5 episode 8 along with the release of the season finale teaser trailer. In “Rickternal Frienshine of the Spotless Mort,” fans watch as Rick goes on an adventure to try and save his only friend, Bird Person. Rick pulls an Inception storyline and dives into the deep subconscious of Bird Person to bring him back to his former self.

The episode ended on a high note but fans will have to wait almost a month for the hour-long season 5 finale episode in September. 

Rick and Bird Person, Rick and Morty, holding weaponry and hiding behind a table
Rick and Bird Person of ‘Rick and Morty’ | Adult Swim via WarnerMedia

Season 5 finale of ‘Rick and Morty’ is set to release in September

According to Collider, season 5 of Rick and Morty is scheduled to premiere a total of 10 episodes as per the agreement when Adult Swim renewed the show in 2018. The finale, set to premiere on September 5, will be the first to have an hour-long special. 

The season debuted episodes on a continuous schedule but broke away from its routine for the finale. Compared to other seasons, this is the first time fans have to wait almost a month to see the final episode. In season 4 of the show, its 10 episodes were split into two five-episode segments with a big break in between. 

Will Morty be replaced in the season finale?

Adult Swim debuted a teaser trailer for the finale that shows Morty returning from his own intergalactic adventure without Rick. The teaser shows Morty realizing he used too much of the portal gun’s juice and would be in deep trouble with Rick. In an effort to hide his mistake, Morty replaces it with a lime drink

Morty should have known better as Rick notices right away that something is wrong with the portal gun. Morty comes clean and tells Rick that he should just be replaced. This leads Rick to pull out a wheel with a variety of possible options. 

Fans have some thoughts on finale air date


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After the debut of the finale episode trailer, fans were quick to analyze the possible Morty replacements. Rick’s spinning wheel has everything from Garbage Goober, Gene with Donkey Brains, and even Two Crows. But one Reddit user remarks that fans might not see the return of Evil Morty based on the trailer. 

Besides the new possible storyline, fans were a bit confused as the finale is tagged as an “hour-long episode” when only eight episodes have debuted out of 10. Reddit users and fans quickly rectified the confusion online.

One Reddit user said, “The finale will be two episodes, they just connect somehow”. Another Reddit user adds that each part has its own episode title and it can be speculated that they will air back to back and connect in storylines. 
The Reddit thread for the final episode even has fans making comments as to why there is a month’s wait. “Rick and Morty is Adult Swim’s biggest show and there isn’t a show as big as that to come in the next few months, so they’re hyping up an episode to get as much ratings as possible”, said one Reddit user. Another user also comments that the month’s wait will allow fans to develop their own theories and propaganda.