The Sad Reason Why Tom Cruise Doesn’t Have a Relationship With Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise is a Hollywood icon, with dozens of hit movies to his credit and a career that has remained vibrant even after thirty years in the business. Cruise’s personal life has been less smooth, with several divorces under his belt and persistent rumors of controlling behavior. His marriage to Katie Holmes was fodder for the tabloids, and it seemed as though the two were truly in love. But their marriage didn’t last and, ever since then, it is unclear exactly how often Cruise sees the daughter he shares with Holmes. 

When did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married?

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise | Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

In the 1980s, as Holmes was growing up in a small town in Ohio, she would daydream about her favorite movie star: Tom Cruise. She even gave interviews during her time on the hit TV show, Dawson’s Creek, talking about her crush on Cruise and how she used to imagine that she would marry him one day.

Some dreams do come true. Shortly after meeting Cruise in 2005, reports started surfacing that the two were smitten with each other. Cruise had recently divorced his wife, Nicole Kidman, and Holmes seemed like the perfect girlfriend for him: innocent, wholesome, and sweet.

In May 2005, Cruise visited Oprah’s TV show and publicly declared his love for Holmes. Shortly thereafter, Holmes converted to the Church of Scientology as a nod to Cruise, who was a longtime devotee of the religion. The couple got engaged only eight weeks after their first meeting and in April 2006, they welcomed their daughter: Suri Cruise. 

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in a grand Italian ceremony in late 2006. The star-studded affair was attended by celebrities like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and David and Victoria Beckham. 

Why did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get divorced?

In spite of the extravagant way that they tied the knot and all the tabloid attention surrounding their lives together, it ultimately didn’t last. Cruise and Holmes announced their divorce in 2012. The deeply private couple didn’t give a reason for their split and, to this day, neither one has talked about the divorce or what their specific relationship is today.

Holmes has moved on with her life and is in a happy long-term relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. She’s also busy raising Suri, with whom she is frequently spotted. While Holmes and Suri are very close, it seems as though the young girl doesn’t have much to do with her estranged father.

Tom Cruise ‘isn’t allowed’ to see his daughter

The details of Cruise and Holmes’ custody arrangements have never been made public and aren’t likely to ever come out. Still, there has been plenty of speculation about why Cruise is never seen with his youngest daughter. The actor has two other children, named Isabella and Connor, that he adopted with Kidman. Those children reportedly have a close relationship with the actor and are able to bond with him over their shared devotion to Scientology.

According to a recent report, it is that religion that has caused a divide between Cruise and Suri. The report states that since Suri is not being raised as a Scientologist, Cruise is not allowed by the laws of the organization to see her or communicate with her. Reportedly, the last time that Cruise saw his daughter was in 2013. 

It is worth noting that a source quoted for the story states that church members are allowed to see their non-Scientologist children if they so desire. So, it is possible that Cruise is seeing Suri in private, well away from the camera. At this point, many of the details are under wraps, and it could be years before members of the public know what really happened between Cruise, Holmes, and their young daughter.