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  • Netflix hasn’t renewed The Sandman for season 2, but the writers have plans.
  • The Sandman Season 1 finale sets up multiple storylines to expand upon.
  • Neil Gaiman’s comics offer more source material for the Netflix show to pull from.
Tom Sturridge and Kyo Ra as Morpheus and Rose Walker in 'The Sandman' for our review of the Netflix series. The characters are walking side by side in a graveyard.
Tom Sturridge and Kyo Ra in ‘The Sandman’ | Liam Daniel/Netflix

The Sandman is quickly becoming Netflix’s next big hit, with the series climbing to the front of the streamer’s Top 10 within a couple days of its release. Assuming the show performs well for a prolonged period of time, Netflix may green light it for another outing. It seems The Sandman writers are already planning for season 2, and the season 1 finale sets up multiple storylines to expand upon in more episodes.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Sandman Season 1 Episode 10, “Lost Hearts.”]

‘The Sandman’ hasn’t been greenlit for season 2


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The Sandman Season 1’s ending leaves the door open for season 2, but Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit more episodes. The streamer typically waits to see the viewership numbers before making a decision. And although it hasn’t revealed much about its process or standards for renewing its originals, it’s probably safe to assume the first month’s data plays an important role in whether or not a show continues.

But even if Netflix hasn’t made an official decision about The Sandman‘s future, it seems the creators are hopeful it will have one. During an interview with Den of Geek, executive producer David S. Goyer confirmed that the writers are already hard at work.

“In some ways, it’s easier because we’ve educated the audience to the basic ideas,” Goyer told the outlet. “We’ve shown how the dreaming life can affect the waking world. With that groundwork done, the show can now build on those themes.”

That’s not all The Sandman Season 1 finale leaves to build on either. Several major developments take place at the end of the first season, and all of them can be utilized to fuel the plot of season 2.

How ‘The Sandman’ Season 1 finale could set up season 2

The Sandman Season 1 concludes in a relatively positive manner for Dream (Tom Sturridge), Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai), and even Lucienne (Vivien Acheampong). The finale wraps their stories in a satisfying way, with the Dreaming on its way to its former glory and Rose no longer the Vortex.

Of course, the last episode makes sure to set up a few new storylines — ones the show can elaborate on in The Sandman Season 2.

The most obvious setup for season 2 is the final scene, which sees Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) receiving a visit from Lord Azazel. Azazel proposes an alliance with the lords of Hell in a quest to take down the Dreaming. And Lucifer seems interested in the idea when the finale closes.

That on its own could be the entire focus of season 2, but there’s also Dream’s scene with Desire (Mason Alexander Park) to consider. Although Desire acknowledges there’s little chance of defeating Dream, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), and Destiny together, he could join Lucifer’s quest to take down their sibling. There could be more to Desire and Despair’s individual arcs as well. We’d certainly like to see more of them after the finale’s big reveals.

Finally, Dream promised to come for Lyta’s (Razane Jammal) baby one day. He could make good on that vow in the future, either in season 2 or later.

Neil Gaiman’s comics continue beyond season 1

In addition to the fact that The Sandman Season 1’s ending sets the stage for season 2, Neil Gaiman’s comic series also leaves more to be adapted. Although there have been changes during the transition from page to screen, there’s plenty to work with from the source material. That alone makes another season a huge possibility.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if Netflix gives The Sandman the go-ahead for another chapter. The ball is currently in the streamer’s court.

In the meantime, The Sandman Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.