The ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot: Nicole Ari Parker Confirms That 1 Element of the Original Series Won’t Be Missing

The cast of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…, will have both familiar and unfamiliar faces once it premieres on HBO Max on Dec. 9. The highly-anticipated reboot promises a brand new chapter for Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York. That new chapter will include some new friends. Nicole Ari Parker will play one of the new pals. The actor has spoken openly about joining the cast of such a beloved show, and she wants fans to know that no matter how many new faces grace the screen, one key element of the original series won’t be missing. She says there will be plenty of sex. 

Who does Nicole Ari Parker play in ‘And Just Like That…’

Nicole Ari Parker is set to take on the part of Lisa Todd Wexley, a mother of three and documentarian. Little else is known about the character or how she came to befriend Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. Her Park Avenue address might offer a clue, though. In August, Deadline reported that Christopher Jackson signed on to portray Lisa Todd Wexley’s husband, Herbert Wexley. Fans took the casting decision as an indication that Parker’s role in the Sex and the City reboot will be pretty significant. 

Nicole Ari Parker is seen on the set of 'And Just Like That...'. The 'Sex and the City' Reboot is set to premiere on Dec. 9
Nicole Ari Parker | James Devaney/GC Images

Not everyone is thrilled about the addition of Nicole Ari Parker’s character. The actor, best known for her roles on Soul Food and Empire, recently admitted that fans have verbally attacked her on the streets. While HBO Max has been tightlipped about the other Parker’s inclusion in the show, fans were quick to assume her character is set to take the place of Samantha Jones, and they don’t like that one bit. 

Nicole Ari Parker and Kristin Davis are seen on the set of 'And Just Like that'
Nicole Ari Parker and Kristin Davis | Raymond Hall/GC Images

Parker has made it clear, though; no character will be taking the place of Samantha. Her character is completely unique and original. How she plays into the larger And Just Like That… storyline is still top secret. 

Nicole Ari Parker promises that there is ‘still a lot of sex’ in the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot 

Parker spoke with Vogue for an extensive interview about And Just Like That… and she had plenty to say about the much-anticipated show. Parker made it clear that there will be plenty different about the show, but one element will carry over from the original. Parker assured fans that they won’t be missing out on the steamier scenes. She told the publication, “And let me tell you, there’s still a lot of sex in this version of Sex and the City.” What exactly that means for everyone’s favorite New York City ladies, however, is anyone’s guess. 

While the new And Just Like That… trailer has assured fans that Miranda and Steve and Charlotte and Harry are still together, the sneak peek offers a slightly more ambiguous view of Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship. It is especially difficult to decipher the state of their relationship when you couple the trailer with production pictures showing Carrie kissing another man and the return of Mr. Big’s other significant other, Natasha. 

How many episodes of ‘And Just Like That…’ will HBO Max release? 

The Dec. 9 release date of And Just Like That… can’t come soon enough for many fans. While the original series aired its final episode in 2004, it has amassed new fans in the years since, and those new fans are clamoring for a chance to see Carrie and her friends reimagined. So, just how many episodes will fans be treated to? For now, HBO Max has ordered just 10 episodes of the reboot. 

‘Sex and the City’ stars Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis are seen on the set of "And Just Like that" on July 09, 2021, in New York City
‘And Just Like That’ co-stars Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

When HBO Max first announced the show, the streaming platform categorized it as a limited series. That, generally, means only a single season will be made. The hype around the series might have them rethinking that take, though. Several media sources have speculated that a second season is already in the works. Rumors also suggest that Kim Cattrall, the actor who famously played Samantha Jones, could come back for the next installment, if there is one. 

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are seen on the streets of New York City while filming 'Sex and the City'. Cattrall has opted not to return to the 'Sex and the City' reboot, 'And Just Like That
Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of ‘Sex and the City’ | James Devaney/WireImage

Cattrall has been outspoken about her feelings about her time on the show and the character of Samantha. There doesn’t seem to be much love lost between Cattrall and the rest of the cast, either. A return, even if a second season is made, seems doubtful. A potential return is made even more unlikely now that Cattrall has signed onto a different series. She is slated to appear in Hulu’s How I Met Your Father