‘The Sinner’ Season 3: ‘Many Little Easter Eggs’ Are Hidden in the First Episode, According To Matt Bomer

Want to figure out what’s going on in The Sinner Season 3? Pay close attention to every detail because it could mean something. According to Matt Bomer, there are multiple Easter eggs hidden in the crime drama

Is ‘The Sinner’ Season 3 on Netflix?

Yes, The Sinner Season 3 is on Netflix. But it’s not part of the streamer’s original programming. The Sinner is a USA Network show based on the novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr. 

The Sinner began as a miniseries in 2017. Jessica Biel, the show’s executive producer, also starred in season 1. She played Cora Tannetti, a woman who mysteriously stabbed a man to death on the beach for no apparent reason.

Thanks to its popularity, The Sinner got a second season in 2018. It continued the show’s style of chronicling a different crime and a new investigation for Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). 

The latest installment which premiered on USA in February 2020, centers around Bomer’s character, Jamie Burns. An anthology series, watching The Sinner in order isn’t a must. Because each season tells a different story, viewers can start with 1, 2, or 3. 

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Look for hidden clues in ‘The Sinner’, according to Matt Bomer

Bomer admitted there are clues hidden in the background in a February 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly. Having only watched the first episode at the time of the interview, Bomer said there were more Easter eggs in the first 60 minutes than he realized. 

“I’ve only seen the first hour of the show, but I was surprised at how many little Easter eggs there were planted in that in that hour that pay off later,” he said. 

Matt Bomer attends 'The Sinner' Season 3 premiere
Matt Bomer attends the premiere of The Sinner Season 3 | Jemal Countess/FilmMagic

Are The Sinner seasons connected? It certainly seems so. The actor also shared that Derek Simonds, the creator of the show, ties everything together using some of the same elements.

“I can’t speak to the entire season, but I think Derek has the entire thing structured. He knows how it’s going to play out from the beginning, and so he weaves in all these little bits and pieces that almost seek a new subconscious,” he said.

“If you think about the wallpaper from the first season, there are these little details that get under your skin, if you’re really paying attention as you watch the show,” he added.

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When is ‘The Sinner’ Season 4 coming out? 

The Sinner is moving forward with another season. USA’s already greenlit more episodes but it will likely be a while before fans can see the next chapter. Pullman gave GQ a scheduling update in March 2020, saying the show’s been impacted by the coronavirus. 

“That’s still in the works, and now probably more than ever because of all this production that got arrested and isn’t happening,” he said. “They probably already would have started in the writers’ room, and they can’t. All those things are still in play, but there’s a lot of ambiguity about a lot of things, and that’s one of them.”

Until season 4 premieres, fans can watch previous episodes on Netflix and scan every season for Easter eggs. 

Watch The Sinner Seasons 1 – 3 on Netflix.

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