‘The Sinner’ Season 4: Are Harry and Sonya Still Together?

The Sinner season 3 tv show managed to garner a massive fan base, as many fans were intrigued by the show’s twists. Fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere of season 4. According to IndieWire, the mysterious love between Sonya, played by Jessica Hecht, and Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, is interesting throughout season three. Fans speculate that the two lovebirds might be reconnecting in the new season, which is expected to premiere in October 2021. 

Harry meets Sonya on ‘The Sinner’

Harry and Sonya standing on a porch during a scene from 'The Sinner'
Harry and Sonya from ‘The Sinner’ | Getty Images

Sonya is an interesting character in the third season of the thriller series, The Sinner. She is a renowned artist and has a solid and wealthy clientele. Sonya and Harry meet when Harry is investigating a tragic car accident around her house. 

When Harry investigates the murders near Sonya’s home, he interrogates her to determine if she knows anything about the murders. Harry tries to find out if she is married, and she bluntly replies that she is a painter. She also denies knowing about anything concerning the murders that happened near her property. 

The car crash that Harry was investigating involved Jamie Burns, played by Matt Bomer, and Nick Haas, played by Chris Messina. Harry and other detectives suspect that Jamie might have led to the accident happening.

After the car crash, Jamie changes and becomes a violent and ruthless man. He intends to kill anyone who might implicate him in the car crash, including Harry and Sonya. Jamie begins by murdering Morris and leaves a note stating he intends to kill, including Sonya.

Harry tries to warn Sonya that Jamie might be targeting her, and she decides to try and reason with Jamie to change his mind about killing her.  

Harry’s new romantic interest in season 4

The Sinner will be back for a fourth season in October 2021. The new season is expected to be filled with mysteries, and fans are eagerly waiting for a new twist of events. Harry, now a retired detective, is trying to start a new life and forget the trauma of the last case in season 3 of The Sinner. During an interview, Harry hints about his new romantic interest in the upcoming season. 

To start a new life in season four, Harry travels to Hanover Island, which is situated in northern Maine, with Sonya, his partner. During the romantic and peaceful getaway, a new tragedy befalls them. This latest tragedy involves the daughter of a very prominent family on the island.  Harry is hired as the new detective, but he finds himself mixed up in the mystery of this wealthy family. 

The Sinner’ season 4: What is expected

According to a trailer of The Sinner, season four, Harry spots a lady walking off a cliff. This lady is from a prominent family and is referred to as Percy Muldoon, played by Alice Kremelberg. Harry calls the police, but when they arrive, they cannot trace her body. Other witnesses claim Percy was driving away from the scene, leaving the family and police questioning Harry’s statement. 

Harry is caught up in the new tragedy as Percy’s family question the truth about her disappearance. They believe that their daughter is not capable of killing herself.

The Sinner is a fantastic series if you are intrigued by the mystery. You can watch three seasons on Netflix, and a fourth season will be available by October 2021. The Sinner is not a Netflix Original, but it first premiered on USA Network in 2017. Currently, season four of the series is premiering on USA Network and will be released on Netflix in October. 

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