‘The Sound of Music’: The Filming Locations Worth Visiting

The Sound of Music is, for many, a movie that defined a generation. It launched Julie Andrews to worldwide stardom, solidified Christopher Plummer’s status as a Hollywood star, and featured a plethora of songs that became pop-culture touchstones. More than just a filmed version of a popular stage show, The Sound of Music stands on its own as an example of musical theater excellence.

To this day, the film remains intensely popular with fans all over the world. Although many of the actors in the film have gone on to other projects, there are a few ways that people can pay homage to the classic movie, and relive some of the film’s most iconic moments. 

A poster for 'The Sound of Music'
A poster for The Sound of Music | Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images

When was ‘The Sound of Music’ released?

According to IMDb, the story of The Sound of Music is one of sweeping romance with a good dose of history thrown in for good measure. It tells the story of Maria, played by Julie Andrews, a young postulant at a convent in Austria, pre-WWII.

The Mother Abbess, believing that Maria would be better suited to life outside the convent, sends her to stay with Captain von Trapp, a stern widowed father of seven.

As the governess to the seven children, Maria brings happiness and music back to the family’s large home. Over time, the Captain and Maria fall in love, and ultimately, get married.

Still, the shadows of war on the horizon threaten both the family’s values and their peaceful life. Released in 1965, The Sound of Music was an adaptation of a 1959 stage musical, which was in itself based on a 1949 memoir. 

‘The Sound of Music’ was a huge hit with viewers

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The Sound of Music featured an ensemble cast of talented stars, including Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer at the helm. Andrews, who first earned acclaim as a singer, was able to show off her musical talents to their full advantage, singing standards like “My Favorite Things” and “Confidence.”

Plummer, a well-known dramatic actor, went on to receive even greater recognition after The Sound of Music, and continues to act to this day.

The film received numerous awards, including five Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. It was considered to be one of the biggest films of the decade, and even to this day, it receives praise for the writing, acting, and incredible songs that have inspired generations.

While much of the film’s success can be attributed to the talented actors who brought the story to life, there’s no doubt that the filming locations added to the stunning spectacle, and helped to make The Sound of Music a resounding success. 

Which filming locations can fans visit today?

To this day, fans can tour many of the locations where The Sound of Music was filmed. In Austria, according to CNN, a tour bus runs regularly, taking fans to many of the movie’s most iconic locations, including Mirabell Gardens, where the fan-favorite “Do-Re-Mi” scene was committed to celluloid.

On the tour, fans can see the gazebo where the sequence for “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” was filmed, where it stands at Hellbrunn Palace Gardens, and snap a picture at Nonnberg Abbey.

For those who wish to see the fabulous von Trapp villa, the tour bus even makes a stop at Frohnburg Castle, the building that served as the villa’s exterior. Many of the locations featured in the movie appear very similar even today, providing fans with a welcome dose of nostalgia.