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Recent insider news suggests that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) may intend to bring the Squadron Supreme into the landscape via one superhero in particular. Yet, who are the Squadron Supreme and what relevance do they bear in the existing timeline? How could the team come to influence — abet or hinder — the existing Avengers and soon-to-be members?

Marvel MCU
Marvel | Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Who are the Squadron Supreme? 

The Squadron Supreme is a team of fictional superheroes appearing in Marvel comics and, though several iterations of the team exist, the original team was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. The team was derived from the villainous team, the Squadron Sinister, and they intimately resemble a few familiar DC faces. So, who are the core members of the team?

The Squadron Supreme consists of Hyperion, Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, and the Whizzer; however, several minor heroes have also stepped up to the plate to assist the core members, similar to the Original Avengers (and their associated “sidekicks”). Interestingly enough, the members of the team are quite closely based on DC’s Justice League. 

Hyperion is a response to DC’s Superhuman, as he possesses superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, flight, and powerful breath. Nighthawk lacks powers, but boasts extensive combat training and uses a variety of advanced weaponry, similar to Batman. Doctor Spectrum offers energy projection and manipulation and is a response to DC’s Lanterns. Power Princess offers a set of skills similar to Superman and is basically Wonder Woman 2.0. Whizzer moves at superhuman speeds like The Flash. So, which one of these characters may be coming to the MCU first (to pave the way for the rest of the team)?

Insider reports suggest that Marvel Studios is looking to cast Chris Pine as Doctor Spector in the MCU

According to We Got This Covered (WGTC), Marvel Studios is eyeing Chris Pine for the MCU’s version of Green Lantern, Doctor Spector. Chris Pine currently plays Diana’s love interest in Wonder Woman, yet he also portrayed James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboot; in short, he is no stranger to fantasy/sci-fi spectacles and franchises. 

The outlet reported — relying on the same sources who knew She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel were coming to Disney+ prior to the official announcement — that Pine is in the running for Doctor Spector. Marvel reportedly plans to use Spector (among other characters) to bring the Squadron Supreme into the Marvel landscape. Whether the team will come to the cinema or Disney+ remains unknown.

Considering multiple theories suggest that the following MCU phases will divide our heroes into multiple superhero teams, as opposed to one large crew of Avengers, such an introduction does not seem out of the question.

MCU fans may come to witness the A-Force, The Young Avengers, The Illuminati, The Squadron Supreme, and the Thunderbolts as the streaming platform and the movie world begin an intense cross-conversation. Here’s to hoping this rumor turns out to be credible, as seeing Pine in the Marvel world would be quite the treat.