The Strange Way Blake Shelton Proposed To His First Wife Kaynette Williams

Blake Shelton is one of country music’s biggest stars, with multiple hit songs to his credit. Shelton has also become one of the most popular coaches on the reality singing competition show The Voice, proving that he has the kind of crossover appeal that many country stars can only dream of.

Still, Shelton’s personal life has made headlines almost as often as his music. And although these days he’s seemingly in a very stable, happy relationship, he has had his share of heartbreak and hard times.

How did Blake Shelton propose to his first wife?

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton | Art Streiber/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Shelton was born and raised in Oklahoma and learned to play guitar by the time he was a teenager. Determined to pursue a career in country music, Shelton moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

He got a job at a music publishing company to try and get his foot in the door. By the year 2001, Shelton began recording music. His career started blowing up and soon, music fans everywhere began recognizing Shelton’s twangy, heartfelt vocals on the radio.

By his side through all the difficult early days of his career was his girlfriend Kaynette Williams (Gern). Williams and Shelton were high school sweethearts who worked together to help advance Shelton’s career.

Williams even acted as his road manager during the early days. In the early 2000s, Shelton decided that she was “the one.” He admitted in a 2003 interview that the way he proposed was quite unconventional.

“I got in from hunting that morning, and asked her to marry me, and we went back out hunting,”

Shelton said. Williams said yes, and the two tied the knot in November 2003. Sadly, Shelton and Williams’ marriage didn’t last long.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s ill-fated romance

In 2005, Shelton met budding country singer Miranda Lambert, and sparks flew between the two. Williams and Shelton ended up divorcing in 2006.

Williams even cited the reason for the divorce as “inappropriate marital conduct” on Shelton’s part. Reportedly, she is still bitter over the way that her romance with her high school sweetheart ended.

Shelton and Lambert pursued a love affair and dated for four years before getting married in May 2010. Lambert and Shelton were considered the king and queen of country music and fans everywhere loved hearing about their down-home relationship, in spite of the somewhat suspect way that it started.

Still, whether it was karma or just an unfortunate breakdown in communication, Shelton and Lambert announced their divorce in July 2015. Neither of them gave a specific reason for their separation, but there was a great deal of speculation that infidelity caused the divorce. 

Who is Blake Shelton dating now?

Not long after his breakup from Lambert, Shelton moved on, yet again. This time he moved on with someone not even connected to the country music scene.

Shelton started dating Gwen Stefani in late 2015 and the two have been inseparable ever since. While rumors persist that Shelton and Stefani will be getting engaged soon, nothing has been announced yet.

It seems as though after two failed marriages on Shelton’s part, he is really taking his time and making sure that his relationship with Stefani is rock-solid before making another commitment. As for Lambert, she has also found love with a New York City police officer that is several years her junior. 

While Shelton hasn’t always been in the headlines for positive things, it is clear that he follows his heart, even when it doesn’t always lead to the easiest decision.