‘The Ultimatum’: April’s Boyfriend Reportedly ‘Said Hi’ to Jake Over FaceTime at Reunion

Netflix’s The Ultimatum cast member April Melohn announced a new relationship at the reunion but didn’t reveal her special person. According to Rae Williams, she FaceTimed her beau in front of the group, and he “said hi” to ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham.

Jake Cunningham and April Melohn sitting next to each other during 'The Ultimatum'
‘The Ultimatum’ cast members Jake Cunningham and April Melohn | Netflix

April Melohn’s boyfriend reportedly greeted Jake Cunningham during ‘The Ultimatum’ reunion

When the cast gathered for the reunion, April Melohn admitted to trying to make things work again with ex Jake Cunningham.

However, they ultimately split, and she moved out before meeting her new boyfriend. April didn’t name him but said they’re both on the same page regarding marriage and starting a family.

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In an April 2022 interview with Houston radio station 97.9 The Box, Rae Williams claimed April FaceTimed her boyfriend during the reunion.

According to The Ultimatum cast member, she called him as a group of them sat in a holding room. She recalled he “said hi” to her and Jake and “seemed friendly” despite the awkward situation.

April revealed her boyfriend as Cody Cooper

A day after the reunion aired, April went public with her new relationship and introduced him to her over 390,000 followers in an Instagram post.

Accompanied by a video that included multiple clips of their time together, she thanked her boyfriend for his presence in her life, calling him the “most amazing man, boyfriend, partner & best friend I could ever ask for.” April admitted their relationship might have started a little rocky as she thanked him for “committing” to her, as she knows “it wasn’t easy.

Even when I said no, thanks for not letting me go.” The Texas native also explained why she “fell in love” with him and acknowledged “all the times you’ve been in my corner.” After noting several other things she appreciated about him, such as the “gentle” way he communicates with her, she closed her lengthy caption by thanking him for showing her the true meaning of leave.

He also announced their new romance on his Instagram page with a picture of them on a yacht, revealing they had dated for the past six months and had since moved in with each other.

Jake says April forced him on the show for fame

When the show premiered in April 2022, Jake talked to Buzzfeed and revealed several behind-the-scenes facts. Speaking to the publication, he accused his then-girlfriend April of dragging him on the show in hopes of getting famous.

Before appearing on the new reality series, he says he planned a surprise proposal for her throughout a two-week cruise he scheduled. However, the cast member said filming conflicted with his plans, causing him to cancel.

According to Jake, he knew his ex wanted to participate in the show “for fame.” Therefore, he agreed, although he insisted he repeatedly voiced his disinterest.

Jake believes April never wanted to do the show to better their relationship as he pointed out he already planned to propose to her, tried to buy a house with her, and purchased a car for her. But, Jake thinks “fame trumped a little bit more.” The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is streaming on Netflix.

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