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The couples of The Ultimatum broke up and lived with new partners for three weeks. But April Melohn revealed the cast of the Netflix show would break the rules except for her, and there’s a sad reason why.

April reveals why she was alone during ‘The Ultimatum’

April revealed the cast had no problems breaking the rules of the show by contacting their original partner. But she told Nick Viall on The Viall Files that Jake Cunningham refused.

“He wasn’t answering my phone calls,” she said. “I probably sent 2,000 text messages. [He] wasn’t even sending me responses. Like you wanted me to be in this experience? Production said don’t interact with your relationships, so I’m not doing that. You wanted me to go through this experience, so I’m gonna go through it.” 

“And it’s like everyone else is meeting up and talking because they care about each other,” she continued. “And then here I am texting Jake’s mom, ‘Talk to your son please because he’s not listening to me, and he’s not texting me back, and I’m freaking out.’ Hot mess!”

This makes sense, given Jake’s mom was fiercely loyal to April during the process. His mom told Jake that she still talked to April and said to take things from this experience and learn from it to better their relationship. April said to her that she’s been selfish, but his mom claimed she hasn’t and will go far in life.

‘The Ultimatum’ couples broke the rules of the show

April said once they were filming, she felt his resentment immediately. “Because everyone was meeting off set,” she said. “I was already dating and in my trial marriage with Colby [Kissinger], and I’d go downstairs, and Colby would secretly meet up with Madlyn [Ballatori] and their two dogs. And Shanique [Imari] and Randall [Griffin] just happened to be there at the same time.” 

“And then even Rae [Williams], whose trial marriage with Jake was downstairs, and she was with Zay [Wilson],” she continued. “I was the only one by myself. Jake didn’t want anything to do with me even on the show.”

Jake Cunningham lies in bed and April Melohn lies on top of him reaching out to him in' The Ultimatum'.
Jake Cunningham and April Melohn in’ The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

‘The Ultimatum’ Reunion: Why Jake and Rae Didn’t Travel Together After All

Fans did get to see a glimpse of this happening. Randall and Shanique met in a parking garage during their trial marriage and argued. She was angry that it seemed like he was getting closer to Madlyn instead of missing her.

April later told Viall that Jake snuck out to be with Rae again once they lived together again. She said he came back drunk and said he had a good time with Rae. That’s when she looked through his phone and found a video of Rae dancing.