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Jake Cunningham has a lot to say about his relationship with April Melohn and The Ultimatum. She’s responding to his accusation of doing the Netflix show for fame and revealed he still contacts her.

Jake claims April pressured him to do ‘The Ultimatum’

Jake was very vocal about not wanting to do The Ultimatum. He repeatedly said during the season that he was dragged on the show.

He also talked about his relationship with April before the show. He told BuzzFeed that he planned to propose to her on a cruise. But she wanted to film the reality show, so he changed his plan.

The former Marine also claimed she told him that she would choose social media over him. April is now sharing her side of the story.

April reveals Jake still reaches out to her

April talked about the show with Nick Viall, who mentioned Jake said he wants nothing to do with her anymore. “He doesn’t want anything to do with me,” she said on The Viall Files podcast. “He texted me 30 minutes after the reunion aired. I’m not gonna say the details. And I don’t want to throw him under the bus because at one point this was my best friend. I love him. I respect Jake. He just doesn’t go about things a certain way.” 

“But he reached out to me a month ago in a time of need, and I was f*cking there,” she continued. “So you don’t want anything to do with me, but when it’s convenient for you and you need someone at your side because you don’t have anybody. I told him, ‘I’ll always be there for you no matter what.’”

April denies doing ‘The Ultimatum’ for fame

Jake Cunningham and April Melohn talk on a couch upset on 'The Ultimatum'.
Jake Cunningham and April Melohn on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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She addressed his accusations that she did the show for followers. “I cried over you for three months,” April said. “To say I did it for fame, I already had 65,000 followers, and I was modeling and running my own network doing my own thing before you came into my life. I left my hometown with you to have a life with you. We had talked about marriage prior to the show.”

The model also addressed his claim that he had an engagement planned before filming. “Why was it so hard for you to not pay attention to me and stray away as soon as another woman came into the picture?” she asked in reference to Rae Williams.

April said Jake sent her a collage of their pictures after their breakup a year ago privately to thank her for their time together. She called it “cringey.” She wished Jake the best despite his recent comments.