‘The Ultimatum’: April Says Watching Rae and Jake Together ‘Cut Deep’

One new pairing on The Ultimatum Season 1 had an instant connection. That would be Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham. While they got to know each other, their original partners watched them date. This is how April Mae feels about watching their scenes together.

Rae and Jake met on ‘The Ultimatum’ Season 1

April Marie wears a red dress next to Jake Cunningham, who wears a grey jacket and black shirt on 'The Ultimatum'.
April Marie and Jake Cunningham on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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The show has multiple couples come together. Someone gave their partner an ultimatum to get engaged or break up, and the show has them date each other to see if they can find love elsewhere.

April gave Jake an ultimatum after dating for two and a half years. She’s ready for marriage and kids. Jake said he wanted to spend more time traveling since he recently got out of the military.

They split up and had trial marriages with other people. April moved in with Colby Kiss, and Jake moved in with Rae. It didn’t take long for Jake and Rae to realize they had a lot in common, and she became a real threat to April and Jake’s relationship. Jake accused April of not caring about what he wanted, and she worked hard to win him back.

April had a hard time watching Rae and Jake together

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The stars of the show did watch their experience back. April was honest about how she felt about Rae and Jake’s scenes.

She answered what the hardest part of watching them was. “Watching all the intimate moments, one, cut deep because you see them being cute in front of you, and you know they’re not gonna cross any boundaries,” April told Us Weekly. “They don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. But seeing how they really bonded alone on camera–it was hard to watch. But I’m not gonna lie, when they moved in together, I was crying, laughing. I was laughing like, ‘Sh*t, this is cute.’ I get it now. I get it why you guys like each other.”

April claimed she wasn’t mad when they went to the reunion. “I’m glad they made that bond and that connection on the show,” she claimed.

Before the show, April and Jake lived together in Austin. She said she noticed a shift in his behavior once they lived together after his trial marriage with Rae. April said he was not there physically and mentally. 

Jake will have to choose between Rae and April

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Fans are waiting for the finale. The last episode showed Jake trying to give April another chance to make their relationship work. But Rae also told him that she broke up with Zay Wilson for good.

This means Jake has the choice of proposing to April, or dumping her, or even choosing to move forward with Rae. The finale revealing his choice will be available on April 13 on Netflix.