‘The Ultimatum’: Colby and Madlyn Share ‘Unseen’ Footage of Courthouse Wedding

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger, who married during Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, actually tied the knot at a courthouse wedding the following day. He shared “unseen” footage of it on Instagram and revealed they’re already planning a third “dream” wedding.

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger exchanging vows during 'The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On' finale
‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ couple, Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger | Netflix

Colby Kissinger shared ‘unseen footage’ of his courthouse wedding with Madlyn Ballatori

During the series finale of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori got engaged and then immediately tied the knot. However, it wasn’t legally binding, so the couple privately wed the following day at a courthouse.

A week after the reunion aired, Colby shared “unseen” footage of their “second wedding” on his Instagram feed. In the minute-long clip, captioned “this is love” and set to Pastis’ “Give It All Up,” the smiling couple walked hand-in-hand into the courtroom where a judge married them.

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The pair appeared to exchange vows before putting rings on each other and kissing. Afterward, the judge handed the excited couple their certificates, which they proudly showed off in multiple still shots he featured in the video.

He posted the clip to his Instagram story, adding, “check out our second wedding and stay tuned for the third (Colby’s dream wedding).”

They married during ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ finale

Ready to marry Madlyn and start a family with her, Colby gave his girlfriend an ultimatum. However, she admittedly wasn’t prepared. Madlyn quickly connected with Randall Griffin, who she found “very sexy,” and the couple shared their trial marriage together.

It went well for the most part as the two seemed to learn more about themselves, but she wanted a physical connection while he wanted to strengthen their emotional one.

On the other hand, Colby bonded with Lauren Pounds, who left the experiment early as she got engaged. He ended up with April Melohn as they both wanted to make the most of their time and also seemed to focus on bettering themselves for their original partners.

When Colby and Madlyn reunited, she discovered an inappropriate relationship with someone he met at a club and broke up with him when he wasn’t honest about it. However, after he admitted his wrongdoings, she eventually agreed to marry him during the series finale.

Madlyn says she wasn’t pregnant during the filming of ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’

Colby and Madlyn showed up to the reunion, still married and seven months pregnant. As many didn’t know the time gap between filming and the cast returning for the reunion, some thought Madlyn might have been pregnant on the show.

However, she clarified the rumors in a recent post to her Instagram story with a screenshot of an article explaining when they filmed the season.

The unknown publication reported the dating show began filming in Austin, Texas, around March 2021 and returned for the reunion in February 2022. She added the two were married in May 2021 and plan to welcome their baby in late April or early May 2022.

Therefore, as the two likely conceived around August 2021, four months after marrying, Madlyn wasn’t pregnant during filming. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is streaming on Netflix.

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