‘The Ultimatum’: How Many Couples From Season 1 Are Still Together?

The Ultimatum is a risky experiment putting relationships to the test. How many couples survived season 1 of the Netflix show? Here is every couple who is still together.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “Ultimatum Day” and “The Reunion.”]

‘The Ultimatum’ Season 1 started with 6 couples

The Ultimatum Cast
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Jody Domingue/Netflix

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Season 1’s original cast had couples who had the same engagement dilemma yet were still different. Alexis Maloney gave Hunter Parr an ultimatum because she didn’t want to live together without getting engaged. April Marie gave Jake Cunningham an ultimatum because they had already committed to living together and buying cars, and he still won’t propose.

Nate Ruggles gave Lauren Pounds an ultimatum because he wanted marriage and kids. However, she didn’t want kids. Rae Williams gave Zay Wilson an ultimatum because she felt like it was time to get engaged now that she’s done with college. Shanique Imari gave Randall Griffin an ultimatum because she was ready for marriage. Lastly, Colby Kiss gave Madlyn Riley Ballatori an ultimatum for the same reason.

Alexis, Hunter, Nate, and Lauren left the experiment early. But the rest of the couples stayed, broke up, and chose to live with new partners. The people who were given an ultimatum chose in the end if they were ready to commit to their new partners.

4 couples from ‘The Ultimatum’ Season 1 are still together

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The show had mixed results. Alexis and Hunter were the first to get engaged at the choosing ceremony and decided to leave early. They were still engaged at the reunion and plan to get married later this year.

Lauren and Nate got engaged right after them. They’re still together and revealed at the reunion that they got expert help with their issues around having a child. They compromised to have one baby, and it’s unclear when they’ll get married.

Madlyn and Colby are married, and she’s expecting their first child together. She revealed at the reunion that she was expecting a baby girl.

Lastly, Shanique and Randall are no longer engaged but are dating. They revealed that they broke up after the show. But after six months, they decided to give it another shot and are working on the issues they realized they had from the show.

Some stars are dating new people

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That means Zay, Rae, Jake, and April ended the season in different situations. Jake chose to be with Rae in the finale, but that didn’t last. He’s single, and Rae is dating a woman.

Zay also seems to be single. But April said she found a new man, and they’re already talking about getting engaged and having kids one day. It looks like the experiment worked for some couples more than others.