‘The Ultimatum’: Lauren Claims the Show ‘Maliciously Twisted’ Her Relationship

Due to their differing opinions on starting a family, Nate Ruggles took his girlfriend Lauren Pounds on Netflix’s new dating experiment, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Before the trial marriages, the couple left the show engaged, but the proposal has received backlash from other cast members and fans. However, Lauren claims the show “maliciously twisted” their relationship.

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles smiling at each other during 'The Ultimatum' reunion
Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles during ‘The Ultimatum’ reunion | Adam Rose/Netflix

Lauren Pounds accused ‘The Ultimatum’ of ‘maliciously’ twisting her relationship 

On the same day as the reunion for The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Lauren Pounds posted a message to her Instagram story for those “sending condescending messages.”

She started by explaining that she had dated men with unacceptable traits before and dumped them. Therefore, The Ultimatum cast member doesn’t need the input of “strangers” as she knows “what is best for me.”

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Lauren continued, noting she wouldn’t commit to someone who is “narcissistic, abusive, patronizing, controlling, or hateful,” words that fans apparently have used to describe her boyfriend, Nathan Ruggles. She claimed they have “good relationships” with the other cast members and believes the others wouldn’t have kept in touch with the couple if they considered them “bad people.”

The reality star ended her message by claiming the show didn’t correctly portray their relationship. “It was picked, edited, and maliciously twisted to provide an entertainment experiment for viewers.” She also admitted they were “sad” to see their portrayal on the show.

Nate Ruggles gave his girlfriend Lauren the ultimatum because he wants children

Nate issued his girlfriend Lauren an ultimatum after dating for two years, one of the only guys of the season to do so. While he wanted to have children, she admittedly doesn’t see herself having kids and didn’t want either of them to have to sacrifice.

When mingling with the cast, she connected with Colby Kissinger as they talked about her disinterest in becoming a mother. Lauren opened up to him, noting how Nate’s career as a business owner might leave her with the bulk of raising the kids.

By the end of their conversation, she admitted the possibility of having children one day with the right person. The two continue to connect another day, and Lauren pointed out the conversation about kids can get “emotional” with her boyfriend but feels that it’s easier to talk about it with Cody.

Although she noted he helped her work through feelings and enjoyed his optimistic outlook, Lauren knew how much he loved girlfriend Madlyn Ballatori and didn’t want to serve as a “distraction.”

Lauren and Nate are still together and have reached a compromise

Even so, Colby promised to put his everything into the experiment, seemingly putting her at ease. When it came time to pick for the trial marriages, Lauren defended Colby’s character, and he chose her.

But, Nate, admittingly not trusting Colby’s “intentions,” got up and proposed to Lauren, who empathically accepted. The cast, and hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, were confused as they didn’t work out their main issue.

Additionally, he initially wanted to choose others for the trial marriage. However, Nate claimed he would rather marry Lauren than start a family with someone else.

After leaving, the couple noted they wanted to see a therapist, but she admitted she wouldn’t marry him if they weren’t on the same page about kids. At the reunion, the pair revealed they started therapy and have since agreed to have one child. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is streaming on Netflix.

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