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The Ultimatum showed Madlyn Ballatori thinking long and hard about if she was ready to marry Colby Kissinger. Fans of the Netflix show were surprised by her decision. But she revealed she made a pro and con list to make up her mind.

‘The Ultimatum’ fans didn’t think Madlyn would say yes to Colby

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger hold hands at a wedding arch on 'The Ultimatum'.
Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

Colby gave Madlyn an ultimatum and was very confident about their future together. However, Madlyn was more hesitant and was open about her attraction to Randall Griffin, her trial husband.

The season ended with Madlyn saying yes to Colby’s proposal. He then asked if she wanted to get married right then and there, and she agreed. But fans were expecting a breakup and not a wedding.

“I think she was blinded by the ring and got swept up in it. Colby having the officiant there in hand was absolutely terrible. I’m pretty certain it was so she couldn’t change her mind. It seemed crazy. She was the last person I thought would leave with who they came with. He seems off and obsessive,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

“He’s a sales guy, even from the automatic wedding this man knows madlyn [sic] is quick to change her mind,” another person wrote in regards to Colby. “He got a yes and he closed the deal.” But Madlyn revealed how she truly made up her mind about what she would say to his proposal

Madlyn made pros and cons to marrying Colby


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Madlyn seemed really afraid of commitment throughout the season. But she revealed why she decided to marry Colby to BuzzFeed

Madlyn revealed that she made pros and cons list the night before she had to make her decision. What was her number-one pro? That Colby made her his priority, and she doesn’t question if he’s committed. She admitted a con was his lack of communication.

“By the advice of my sweet mother, I made a pros and cons — truly, I had to go that simple with it,” she said. “And it was just, can I walk away from this relationship? Or am I ready to really give myself over to it? And I wasn’t walking away.”

She also revealed that she wasn’t completely surprised by Colby asking if she wanted to get married on the spot. “To me, that’s, that’s Colby —  I figured that’s coming. I knew, if I’m saying yes to engagement, it’s the whole package, [and] my life is going to be with Colby. So I was ready,” Madlyn said. “Colby also [knew] that I don’t want a big wedding. I really kind of always wanted to elope and do our own thing. I don’t enjoy the whole production of [a wedding]. It was honestly really special.”

Madlyn and Colby are now married and expecting their first child. Randall proposed to Shanique Imari, but they decided to take a step back and are dating.