‘The Ultimatum’: Nathan Reportedly Shared ‘Powerful’ Story That Moved Producers to Tears

Nathan Ruggles and Lauren Pounds appeared on Netflix’s reality dating series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On as he wanted to start a family, and she didn’t. Some fans didn’t particularly like the couple, namely Nate, because they didn’t trust his intentions behind his abrupt proposal. After the reunion, she revealed Nate shared a “powerful” story off-camera during the dating process that moved the producers to tears.

Shanique Brown and Nathan Ruggles sitting down next to each other during an episode of 'The Ultimatum'
Shanique Brown and Nathan Ruggles on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

Nathan Ruggles reportedly shared a ‘powerful’ story off-camera

Following The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On finale and reunion, cast member Lauren Pounds answered fans’ questions on her Instagram story.

One follower asked for anything that happened during the series that didn’t make the final cut but wished it did.

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Lauren answered, pointing out “many things” she hoped the audience would have gotten to watch, including “sweet moments” between her and boyfriend Nathan Ruggles.

Specifically, the cast member named a date between him and Shanique Brown in which he talked about the death of his sister. According to Lauren, his “emotional” and “powerful” story moved the producers to tears.

He proposed to Lauren Pounds before the experiment started

After dating for two years, Nate gave his girlfriend Lauren an ultimatum, noting he wanted to settle down and have children. However, she didn’t see herself having kids and didn’t think they should have to sacrifice.

Lauren seemed to connect with Colby Kissinger the most as they discussed her disinterest in starting a family on their first date. She opened up, admitting she feared Nate’s busy career would prevent him from raising the children with her.

However, she could see herself becoming a mother with the right person. It seemed as though Lauren would pick Colby for her trial spouse as she pointed out how easily she could talk to him about her feelings.

Lauren also thought he could help her work through certain emotions and appreciated his optimistic outlook. But, she knew how much Colby wanted to marry girlfriend Madlyn Ballatori and didn’t want to serve as a “distraction” for him for three weeks.

Nathan and Lauren are still together and have compromised on children

When she expressed her concerns to Colby, he promised to put his all into their trial marriage, pointing out he thought she brought out the best in him. She then defended his character in front of the cast when Alexis Maloney claimed she thought he wasn’t a good person, and he chose her as his trial wife.

However, Nate, who admitted he didn’t trust Colby’s “intentions” with his girlfriend, proposed to Lauren, who eagerly accepted. Due to Nate repeatedly telling others how much he wanted to become a father, the cast didn’t understand what moved him to change his mind and propose so quickly.

Additionally, he initially planned on picking other women for the trial marriages. Nate claimed he would rather marry Lauren and not have children than start a family with someone else, and the engaged couple left the experiment. Before leaving the series, she reiterated her belief that they shouldn’t get married unless they were on the same page regarding kids.

The couple returned for the reunion and defended their engagement. They also revealed they have since gone to counseling and compromised on children, agreeing to one. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is streaming on Netflix.

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