‘The Ultimatum’: Rae Calls Jake Her ‘Wing Man’ After the Show

The cast of The Ultimatum is moving on after the reunion. Rae Williams is staying close to her trial husband, Jake Cunningham, on the Netflix show and even called him her wingman.

Rae and Jake’s ending on ‘The Ultimatum’

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The Ultimatum ended with Jake refusing to propose to April Melohn. Rae already broke up with Zay Wilson, so she was single too. It looked like they might start dating because Jake had two tickets for them to travel together, and she happily agreed.

However, they decided to slow down after the show. They tried to work on their past relationships instead of traveling together. That didn’t work out, so they were single and friendly at the reunion. Rae also came out as bisexual and said she casually dated a woman after the show.

Rae calls Jake her ‘wing man’ after ‘The Ultimatum’

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Rae and Jake stayed in touch after the reunion. She posted a TikTok with Jake as a reply to a fan’s comment that read, “I want more jake toks pleaseeee.” Rae mouths the words to a song, then Jake poses as he looks at himself, the next clips show them laughing and dancing together.

“I’m glad this new friendship came out from the show. You can tell you guys have a blast together,” one person wrote. “One night he came as my wing man to a gay bar and he was literally the best sport about it [heart emoji] the drag queens loved him,” Rae replied. 

“Hey @Netflix we need a Rae and Jake really show now!! I think you guys would keep us entertained in whatever you do!” the fan then wrote.

It looks like Rae wants to return the favor as a wing woman. “Jake is so damn fine,” one woman commented. Rae replied by tagging Jake’s handle with an emoji of eyes.

Rae and Jake met with other cast members

Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams sit together smiling on a couch for 'The Ultimatum' reunion.
Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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Rae posted another TikTok with Jake after that. In this one, they are at a bar with Randall Griffin and Shanique Imari. They are at a table with more people. They also have silver goblets that are seen in the show. Jake holds one up and shakes his head.

“NOOOO ptsd tell me why we came to host a brunch and they brought these out,” Rae captioned the post. Jake started posting to his own TikTok account. The latest one was with the same group and it looked like a fun night out at the club. It looks like Rae and Jake are staying friends for now, and might even help each other find someone new.