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Netflix’s The Ultimatum star Rae Williams threw shade at an “old friend” in a recent TikTok video. While she didn’t reveal the person, fans believe plenty of clues point to Shanique Brown.

Rae Williams appears to throw shade at Shanique Brown

During The Ultimatum, Rae Williams’s then-boyfriend Zay Wilson and Shanique Brown partnered up for their trial marriage.

However, they concluded they weren’t right for each other as Shanique returned to boyfriend Randall Griffin, and Rae attempted a new romance with trial spouse Jake Cunningham.

Regardless of the awkward situation, Shanique and Rae developed a friendship. However, it seems the reality TV stars aren’t friends anymore, as Rae threw shade in a recent TikTok. Rae captioned the video “when your old friend flexes hanging out with your ex-boyfriend,” and lip-synced lyrics “I didn’t even want the n****, actually.”

Although Rae refused to name the person, Randall hopped in the comment section and replied to a fan wondering if it was someone from the show, saying “oh, you’re good.”

Therefore, viewers believed she referred to Shanique. When asked, Rae claimed she wouldn’t reveal the person because she didn’t want to give the mystery ex-friend any views or profile visits.

Rae is currently single after ‘The Ultimatum’ appearance

Following a two-year relationship, Rae gave an ultimatum to her boyfriend Zay as she was ready to start a family.

However, considering it was his first real relationship, Zay preferred not to rush into anything. Instead, he wanted her to be more vulnerable, which she admittedly had trouble doing. When meeting the other couples, Rae and Jake quickly hit it off as they realized they had a lot in common.

She found it easier to open up to him and expressed her issues with Zay working the nightlife scene but not posting on her social media. Jake eventually communicated this with Zay, who tried to work things out with his girlfriend when they reconnected.

However, when they couldn’t get on the same page, he reacted by staying out all night, which upset her. Therefore, they broke up before the finale, and she agreed to attempt a relationship with Jake. It ended up not working out, and the two are currently single.

Randall Griffin and Shanique are still together 

After dating for over a year, Shanique and Randall participated in the experiment, considering their relationship at a crossroads.

He and Madlyn Ballatori partnered up in the trial marriage and appeared to develop a romance. She seemed over her boyfriend Colby Kissinger and wasn’t sure about getting married. However, they didn’t feel compatible and returned to their original partners.


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Shanique and Zay teamed up as they thought they complimented and challenged each other. He discussed his trepidation about getting married due to his complex relationship with his estranged parents.

Her family seemed to like Zay and accepted him, but their romance hit a bump when he tried to discuss his feelings about Rae. They weren’t able to come back from it and chose to split. While he attempted to make it work with his ex, to no avail, she got back with Randall. The couple is still together, but they haven’t tied the knot yet. 

The Ultimatum streams on Netflix.