‘The Ultimatum’: Rae Williams Reminisces on Experience: ‘So Hard Watching Everything Back’

Netflix’s The Ultimatum star Rae Williams briefly opened up about her experience in an Instagram post, admitting she found it “so hard watching everything back.”

Zay Wilson and Rae Williams sitting next to each other during 'The Ultimatum'
‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ couple Zay Wilson and Rae Williams | Netflix

‘The Ultimatum’ star Rae Williams said it was ‘so hard watching everything back’

In an Instagram post uploaded by Rae Williams shortly after The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On premiered, she admitted she found it “so hard watching everything back.”

She called her experience “lucky” to have Vanessa and Nick Lachey as hosts, pointing out how much their “guidance, advice, and support” helped. Rae continued, noting she learned the importance of “opening up and communication” and has since realized that “a good life partner” requires more than “just being ‘wifey material’” as she previously thought.

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Additionally, she explained the experience taught her what she “truly values in people” and hopes she maintains the friendships she made during the experiment “for life.”

The reality star closed by asking the viewers to “be kind” as they were “all extremely vulnerable and stressed” as they filmed the show. “We love memes, jokes, opinions, & hot takes, but no one deserves hate comments,” she added. Finally, Rae promised to answer everyone’s questions after the reunion aired.

Rae went on ‘The Ultimate’ with then-boyfriend Zay Wilson

After dating for over two years, Rae, 24, gave the ultimatum to her boyfriend Isaiah “Zay” Wilson, 25, as she’s ready to start a family after starting her career. He considers his relationship with Rae his first real romance and doesn’t want to rush into marriage.

As the two spoke before parting for three weeks, Zay noted he wanted Rae to open up to him more. However, she couldn’t even express how she felt about him during her confessional. When meeting the other couples, Rae quickly hit it off with Jake Cunningham as they realized they had a very similar past.

Even though Jake initially only wanted to focus on his girlfriend, April Melohn, he admittedly began opening up to the experience more. The two chose each other as their trial partners, and Shanique Imari and Zay picked one another, noting they appreciate how they challenge each other. After living together for a couple of days, Rae opened up about her issues with Zay, who works in the nightlife scene, pointing out that he doesn’t post her on social media.

When Zay met Shanique’s family, he opened up about his marriage blocks, revealing his complicated relationship with his estranged parents. While Rae’s father seemingly liked Jake, his mother admitted she wanted him to work it out with April, believing Rae might be a little too “reserved.”

Rae and Zay broke up before the finale

The couples later met up for drinks, and Jake privately spoke to Zay about his girlfriend’s issue with him not claiming her. He seemed to understand, admitting he believes he’s ready to get married.

Meanwhile, the ladies talked to Rae about her communication problems with Zay, and she revealed she shuts down when he gets “reactive.” That night, Jake told Rae about his conversation with her boyfriend, adding he wanted to leave the experience with her.

On the other hand, Zay and Shanique got into an argument when he tried to open up to her with what Jake told him. Once Rae and Zay reunited, they attempted to work out their differences in a conversation with her mom. He continually claimed he wanted to marry her, but she didn’t want to talk about it.

Therefore, Zay retaliated by ignoring his girlfriend as he stayed out all night. When he returned the following morning, they got into another argument, but it turned physical when she put her hands on him. As a result, Rae decided to call it quits for good before the finale. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On airs on April 13 on Netflix.

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