‘The Ultimatum’: Rae Williams Shared BTS ‘Memories’ of Her With Jake Cunningham

While filming Netflix’s new reality dating series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Rae Williams took videos of her with her trial spouse, Jake Cunningham. She recently shared the behind-the-scenes content on TikTok.

Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams standing next to each other during 'The Ultimatum' finale
‘The Ultimatum’ cast members Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams | Netflix

Rae Williams shared behind-the-scenes content with Jake Cunningham

A week after The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On finale aired, Rae Williams shared a 30-second TikTok video of her behind-the-scenes memories featuring her trial spouse, Jake Cunningham.

Set to Jordan Pruitt’s “Jump to the Rhythm,” the clip showed them smiling at the dinner table in their room while another showed him dancing with her egging him on.

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She also included a Snapchat video in which they shared the same bed for the first time and debated which movie they wanted to watch. Rae captioned it, “one week later, gotta keep the pillows between us, though.”

Additionally, other clips featured the two getting ready to go out that night while others showed them in their bedtime routines. The Ultimatum cast member also included a clip of the two behind-the-scenes when he met her dad.

Zay Wilson’s hook-up comments at ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ reunion annoyed Rae

During the finale, Rae accepted a destination trip from Jake, but they later revealed they never went on the vacation. At the reunion, the pair claimed they chose not to because they wanted to be considerate of their former partners.

However, Zay Wilson announced their sexual relationship after the show as a possible reason. Talking to Houston radio show 97.9 The Box in an April 2022 interview, Rae admitted Zay’s comments rubbed her the wrong way.

She claimed she didn’t understand why he revealed it that way when the other castmates were aware of their interactions following filming.

Additionally, she pointed out that Jake also “hooked up” with his ex, April Melohn, which others apparently knew. Therefore, it annoyed Rae that Zay tried to use the information as a bomb drop at the reunion. 

April Melohn has a boyfriend; Rae and Jake are still single

According to Rae and Zay, the former couple of two years attempted to work on their relationship. However, they agreed to permanently part ways.

After splitting up, Rae revealed she had since gotten into a casual relationship with an unnamed woman. Zay and Jake both said they are still single and haven’t met anyone yet, while April claimed she got into a relationship. Although she admitted she went back to life with Jake following filming, The Ultimatum fan-favorite noted she met someone who shares the same interest in starting a family.

April later introduced him, Cody Cooper, to her nearly 400,000 Instagram followers with a video featuring memories from their time together so far. She also wrote her boyfriend a lengthy caption where she thanked him for what he’s done in her life and expressed her love for him.

He also revealed their romance to his followers, noting the two have dated for the past six months and are currently living with each other. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is streaming on Netflix.

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