‘The Ultimatum’: Shanique Says Her Breakup With Randall Was so ‘Necessary’

The Ultimatum couples revealed what life was like after the experiment. Shanique Imari talked about her shocking breakup with Randall Griffin and why it was so necessary after the Netflix show.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “Ultimatum Day” and “The Reunion.”]

Shanique and Randall broke up after ‘The Ultimatum’

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Shanique and Randall went through a lot in The Ultimatum. But their journey ended with him proposing to her. They both looked so happy together, but the reunion showed an unexpected update.

They revealed they realized they weren’t really ready to go down the aisle. So they broke up. Shanique said she tried to date other people during that time. However, Randall said he had so much going on that he didn’t. They eventually gave their relationship another shot, and now they’re dating. Shanique decided to dive deeper into their relationship with her fans.

Shanique says the breakup with Randall was ‘so necessary’

Randall Griffin wears a suit and carries Shanique Imari who wears a dress on 'The Ultimatum.'
Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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Shanique addressed her relationship on her Instagram Story the day the reunion was released. “If you watched episode 10, you know we did break up for quite some time, half a year, last year,” she said. “And that break up was so necessary. You know, an experiment like this I think it’s really great because it’s gonna uproot a lot of the things that maybe you don’t realize are holding your relationship back from being able to get to that next stage.”

However, she said the experiment is short and they needed more time to solve their problems. They realized they didn’t want to move forward with the engagement and take time apart.

“Had it not been for that break I just don’t think we would be as together as people, as individual people,” Shanique later said. “Certainly not as a couple because there were some real things that needed to be talked about and worked through.”

She then revealed she’s seeking therapy for things she discovered about herself and recommends it to other people. Shanique said she was grateful for it.

Randall shares a post describing their love

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Randall also had something to say about their relationship. He posted a cast picture of himself with Shanique on Instagram.

He wrote in the caption, “Our LOVE is LOVING, Our LOVE is KIND, Our LOVE is AUTHENTIC, Our LOVE is DEEP, Our LOVE is PASSSIONATE, Our LOVE is REFRESHING, Our LOVE is UNIQUE Although our journey is different, we are loving every minute of it. Love is not an easy thing…But as two people who are dedicated to making each other better, and committed to always having one another’s best interest at heart, OUR LOVE is all we need and will certainly stand the test of time.”