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Netflix’s The Ultimatum fan-favorite April Marie Melohn revealed she’s dating someone new during the reunion. Some viewers think they’ve discovered his identity and already seem to love him.

April Melohn looking at Colby Kissinger during an episode of 'The Ultimatum'
April Melohn and Colby Kissinger on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

April Melohn revealed she has a new boyfriend during ‘The Ultimatum’ reunion

During the reunion for The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, April Melohn revealed she had since moved on from ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham.

As shown in the finale, he chose not to propose to her and instead surprised trial spouse Rae Williams with a destination trip. However, they didn’t travel anywhere together as Rae tried to work things out with her ex, Isaiah “Zay” Wilson.

After filming, April noted they went back into their “routine,” and she stayed at his house before they split for good. While she claims she wasn’t looking for a relationship, April said she has since met someone, and they began dating.

Although April went into the experiment hoping to walk away married to Jake, she is happy the show ultimately led to her new boyfriend. She also doted on him, claiming he repeatedly tells her how much he wants to marry and start a family with her. April didn’t reveal his identity, but he might have blown his cover.

Who is ‘The Ultimatum’ star April Marie’s boyfriend?

Before the reunion aired, Texas native Cody Cooper posted pictures of him with April and tagged her on his Instagram story. Apparently taken at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas, one photo shows him kissing The Ultimatum fan-favorite on the cheek and another of her on his back.

He captioned the images “my love” and included the location. According to his Instagram bio, Cody owns real estate agency Sprout Realty, of which he’s also a broker, and co-founded a vaping vending machine company, Kwik Rip.

The Texas native also has upcoming luxury underwear, Woodcox, scheduled to launch sometime this year. Some fans have already approved of her new boyfriend, as many have followed him on social media and commented on his pictures.

One viewer wrote, “oh my girl April upgraded for sure,” underneath a photo of him working on a private jet, and another encouraged him to “propose” to the reality star. The couple went public a day after the reunion and revealed they have dated for six months.

April and Jake broke up during the finale of ‘The Ultimatum’

April and Jake seemed the strongest when fans were initially introduced to them out of all the couples. She gave him the ultimatum, noting she’s tired of waiting for “a baby and a ring.”

However, Jake claimed he wanted to become more financially responsible first, pointing out he recently got out of the military. Even though they nearly eloped at one point, he admittedly wants to date around before settling down.


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Initially convinced that he would leave with his girlfriend, Jake wasn’t entirely into the experiment until meeting Rae. The two instantly connected and had a solid three-week trial marriage.

On the other hand, the guys April wanted to spend her time with exited the series early as they proposed to their partners. Therefore, she decided to pair with Colby Kissinger and focus on herself. Her change seemed to come a little too late as Jake felt heard by Rae and ultimately chose not to propose to April, ending their relationship. The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix.