‘The Ultimatum’ Spoilers: Colby and Madlyn Update Viewers on Their Pregnancy and What Their Parents Think About Their Marriage

Netflix‘s dating reality dating show, The Ultimatum, is making headlines because of the premise, which puts committed couples in the awkward position of deciding whether they want to stay together or choose another. Now that Season 1 has officially wrapped up, fans have a lot to talk about.

One of the biggest surprises comes when everyone’s final decision has been made, and they all reunite to talk about life post-Ultimatum. During this episode, Colby and Madlyn updated viewers on their pregnancy and what their parents think about their marriage.

Colby and Madlyn were a hot topic for ‘The Ultimatum’ viewers

Colby and Madlyn were the most shocking, and perhaps worst, pair of the four couples who chose to live together after the first week of The Ultimatum. When the series began, Colby was the one who issued the ultimatum. He wanted to marry Madlyn, and she wanted to keep dating. The twentysomething simply said she wasn’t ready for marriage.

We learned early on that they met at a bar while in college. Colby instantly knew she was “the one” for him. They dated for a year and a half. Then, Colby decided it was time for her to make the long-term commitment of marriage. Otherwise, he would walk away.

No one could predict whether they would get married or break up. During their time on the show, Colby often showered Madlyn with compliments. She came off as more of a jerk, even admitting this to viewers and her castmates. We could also hear how much her family really didn’t think Colby was a good match for her.

During Madlyn’s three weeks with Randall, she often discussed her attraction to her “new partner.” During Colby’s three weeks with April, he made out with his “new partner.”

Once Madlyn and Colby reunited and lived together for three weeks, the two fought a lot. As a viewer, it seemed they were the most unlikely couple to work out. Many fans were certain that their relationship would end, which made the season finale even more shocking.

The shocking end to Colby and Madlyn on ‘The Ultimatum’

Madlyn and Colby from 'The Ultimatum' update fans on their life together
‘The Ultimatum’ season 1 stars Madlyn and Colby | Entertainment Tonight via Youtube

Despite all the conflict we saw between Madlyn and Colby, when it came time to make a final decision, there were several twists. Colby not only proposed and put a ring on Madlyn’s finger, but she enthusiastically said, “Yes.”

Soon after her acceptance, Colby stated he felt so confident that he was making the right choice that he wanted to make it official on the spot. Madlyn agreed, and an officiant walked in front of the cameras. The two got married on the set for the entire world to see. Needless to say, viewers were shocked.

What life is like for Colby and Madlyn beyond ‘The Ultimatum’

In the season finale, Colby and Madlyn reveal they are expecting a baby. Nick and Vanessa Lachey, hosts of The Ultimatum, questioned what life is like after the show.

Colby and Madlyn say they “Don’t argue.” She responded, “We can’t argue the same way because we’re not fighting for ourselves anymore. We’re fighting for, you know — as a team.”

Considering the opinions expressed by her family regarding Colby, Nick asked, “How did your families react to you guys already being married?” Madlyn replies, “My mom was super approving. My dad was a little bit taken back by, like — happy ’cause know he doesn’t have to go through the whole wedding thing. But also just thrown.”

Vanessa asked, “Now that you’re still married and expecting, has he come around?”, to which Madlyn says, “Oh completely. Yeah.” During this time, Colby says simply, “Definitely brought us closer together. I’ll put it that way.”

And it is easy to see the truth behind his statement. In every interview they are a part of, they seem to have worked through their problems and now have a relationship that is very open and honest in all of the ways that matter.

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