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Madlyn Riley Ballatori and Colby Kiss joined the reality TV show, The Ultimatum to see if they’re ready to get engaged or break up. But first, they have to pick a new partner for a trial marriage to see what else is out there. This is who the couple picked and why.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “New Bed, New Partner.”]

Colby wants to marry Madlyn in ‘The Ultimatum’

Colby and Madlyn met in college, and Colby knew she was the one right away. They’ve been dating for one and a half years, and Colby is ready to get married.

“The last thing I want to say to you before we separate, I just want to make sure you’re getting the full experience,” he told her in the first episode. “Don’t feel like you have to hold yourself back. ‘Cause, that’s why we’re here, to make sure you’re getting in the end, exactly what you want. And to leave with the person you want.”

Madlyn said it’s hard to picture her life without Colby. She did say she can’t push herself to be ready to get married at the end of this if she isn’t. However, Colby said he needed her to be ready.

Who does Madlyn pick for her trial husband?

Madlyn admitted she was attracted to Randall Griffin. They were quick to talk about sex with each other. 

“The Choice” showed her making her decision for a trial husband. “Randall is awesome,” she said. “It’s been nice to have that more realistic mindset when it comes to love and relationships with Randall.” 

In the end, she picked him because of their initial attraction and similarities. She pointed out that he listens to her, and she feels like Colby doesn’t. Randall also picked Madlyn for challenging him, and he was able to open up to her.

Who does Colby pick for his trial wife?

Madlyn Riley Ballatori sits on Colby Kiss' lap smiling on 'The Ultimatum'.
Madlyn Riley Ballatori and Colby Kiss on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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Colby dated multiple women, but he ultimately picked Lauren Pounds in “New Bed, New Partner” because she brings out the best in him. Alexis Maloney immediately called Colby out for not being a good person because he said she was unattractive. Lauren said she didn’t see that side of him, and he is kind. However, her original partner Nate Ruggles proposed to her, and she accepted.

Colby wanted to move forward with the experience and decided to focus on April Marie. April said she was happy to do this experience with him, too, even though she originally picked Hunter Parr, who proposed to Alexis instead.

April went on to say she loves her original partner, Jake Cunningham, who she’s resolving conflicts with. Jake already told her that he’s making a connection with someone else, but she’s trusting that she signed up for this and the experience will make them stronger.

So Madlyn and Randall have a steamy connection, whereas Colby and April had an awkward start. Fans will have to keep watching the Netflix show to see who they’ll choose in the end.